How to Dress Like Inigo Montoya

Male Movies
Black Curly Long Wig
Fake Mustache
Male Renaissance Vest
Lace Up Tunic
Leather Sword Frog
Plastic Fencing Sword
Men's Chino Pant
Leather Bridle Belt
Harness Boot

Best Inigo Montoya Costume Guide

Inigo Montoya is one the greatest fencers of his time, achieving the status of “Wizard” (a mythical status above master in swordsmanship) as he is out to avenge his father’s death against the six-fingered Count Rugen in the 1987 comedy The Princess Bride. Get the best cosplay guide to look just like Inigo Montoya.

To look like this special swordsman, you’ll need a few special items, some which haven’t been in fashion for a long time. First, you’ll need long wavy hair. If you’re naturally gifted, good for you. If not, get yourself a Black Curly Long Wig. To complete the makeup, you’ll need a Fake Mustache. As for the clothes, wear a Lace Up Tunic coupled with a Male Renaissance Vest. Below, wear Men’s Chino Pant held together with a Leather Bridle Belt. And you’ll need to wear a pair of Harness Boots. Last but not least, on your pants, you should wear a Leather Sword Frog. In this, you’ll slide a Plastic Fencing sword that will complete the look!

Inigo Montoya Cosplay Costumes

To cosplay like the top swordsman from the Renaissance age and arguably one of the top movies of all time, Inigo Montoya, you’ll need to make some big modifications. Start with the face. You’ve got to match his long luscious locks, which are the envy of women, and his sexy mustache, which is the envy of men. To get both, you’ll need a Black Curly Long Wig and a Fake Mustache. Match a Tunic together with a Male Renaissance Vest. The pants are simple to match with a comfy pair of Men’s Chinos and Basic Leather Belt. Brown leather cowboy boots will get a look that’s close. Finally, strap on your trusty Leather Sword holder while sheathing a trusty Plastic Fencing Sword.

Have your friends join you by cosplaying Westley, Fezzik, or Vizzini before going to battle against your greatest foe, Count Tyrone Rugen. To sell the look, even more, add a little Italian accent that will surely spice things up!

Inigo Montoya Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with our costume guide for Inigo Montoya from “The Princess Bride.” Known for his quest for vengeance, expert swordsmanship, and memorable catchphrase, Inigo’s look is both heroic and timeless, making it an excellent choice for fans seeking to embody this beloved character at cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating the charm and wit of “The Princess Bride.” This guide will answer your most common questions about creating an authentic Inigo Montoya costume.

Inigo Montoya's outfit is that of a skilled swordsman and adventurer. Essential components include a white billowy shirt, a black or brown vest, black or brown trousers, and a sash tied around the waist. He often wears a long, flowing cloak or a Renaissance-style jacket. His look is completed with leather boots and his iconic thin mustache.

Inigo Montoya has shoulder-length, wavy dark hair and a thin mustache. To achieve his hairstyle, use a wig of similar length and texture, or style your own hair to mimic his wavy look. The mustache should be neatly trimmed and styled to be thin and slightly curved at the ends.

Inigo Montoya wears practical leather boots suitable for sword fighting and travel. Choose boots that are simple, in black or brown, and have a slight heel.

The key accessory for an Inigo Montoya costume is a prop sword, as he is a renowned fencer seeking revenge. Additionally, the sash tied around the waist is a distinctive part of his outfit and should be a contrasting color, like red or blue, to stand out against the rest of the costume.

Inigo Montoya is known for his unforgettable lines. Here are some memorable quotes: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.," "I have dedicated my life to the study of fencing. You will not find me unprepared.," "I must know... get used to disappointment.," "It's not just fencing. It's something more. It's something special." and "You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you." These quotes capture Inigo Montoya's quest for revenge, his skill as a swordsman, and his honorable nature, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Inigo Montoya

Inigo Montoya’s tragic story starts with his father Domingo, who was a great sword craftsman that disliked the wealthy and stupid. He made a special sword for Count Rugen, the vizier of Prince Humperdinck who had six fingers. But the deal soured when the nobleman went back on his word and did not pay Domingo. The nobleman then killed Inigo’s father. Inigo though only 10-years-old was defeated in battle and scarred on the cheek as so the story goes in The Princess Bride.

Since that fateful day, Inigo Montoya trained to be the best swordsman alive and succeeded. His thirst for revenge was so great that he made it his life’s mission to train for the moment he met his father’s murderer. Even though he was met with repeated failure, with the help of his henchmen, his was able to fulfill his destiny and kill his biggest enemy in the kingdom to finally avenge his father’s death. His skills, ambition, and dedication are one of a kind and an inspiration to many!

Inigo Montoya

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