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The Imperial Guard, or Emperor’s Royal Guard, are the personal bodyguards of the emperor from the Star Wars franchise. These soliders are silent, yet deadly warriors who will go to great lengths to protect their leader. They use weapons such as force pikes, blaster pistols, and vibroblades. They are highly effective and skilled in combat. Only the best of the best are allowed to serve as Imperial Guard. To be part of the Imperial Guard you must be a certain size, strength, intelligence, and loyalty. Not only do they protect the Galactic Emperor, but they also protect other members of the Imperial Ruling Council and even Lord Vader at one point.

Join the dark side as one of the Imperial Guards with an Imperial Guard Costume, Leather Gauntlet, Men’s Engineer Boot, Imperial Guard Staff, and Stormtrooper Blaster. With this Imperial Guard costume, you’ll be the most feared fighters in the galaxy.

Imperial Guard Cosplay Costumes

Imperial Guards are incredibly loyal to their leaders. Their job is to protect the emperor and they will kill whoever gets in the way without hesitation. The faces of all Imperial Guards are concealed so they cannot be spotted out of uniform, similar to that of an executioner. The red robes are a way to symbolize their rank and duty. 

This is a great cosplay for people who are looking for a bold and strong costume from the Star Wars universe. You’re going to spark fear in your enemies the moment you enter a room clad in an Imperial Guard costume. However, it won’t look complete if you’re alone! Get some other Star Wars fans involved as other Imperial Guards and march through the halls with power. You need someone to protect too, so make sure the Galactic Emperor is in your sight at all times.

Imperial Guard Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an intergalactic journey with our costume guide FAQ for dressing up as an Imperial Guard from the “Star Wars” franchise. Known for their striking red armor and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor, these guards are a symbol of power and authority in the galaxy. This guide will help you accurately recreate their formidable and mysterious presence.

The Imperial Guard's costume is distinguished by its vivid red color and full coverage. Key components include a long, flowing red robe, a red helmet that completely obscures the face, and red armor. The armor typically covers the shoulders and chest. Underneath the robe, a black jumpsuit can be worn for full body coverage.

The helmet is a crucial part of the Imperial Guard's look. It's sleek, red, and covers the entire head and face. You can either purchase a replica helmet or create one using materials like red plastic or fiberglass, ensuring it has the smooth, curved shape and a visor that obscures the face.

The Imperial Guards wear black boots that are simple, sturdy, and practical. They should be knee-high and can be either leather or a leather-like material. The boots are mostly covered by the robe but are essential for the authentic look of the costume.

The Imperial Guards are often seen with a force pike – a long, staff-like weapon. While a real weapon isn't suitable for a costume, a replica made from lightweight materials like plastic or wood can be carried to complete the look.

To embody the character of an Imperial Guard, adopt a posture of alertness and discipline. They are known for their stoicism and silence, so maintaining a calm and composed demeanor is key. In group settings, standing guard at a door or quietly observing the surroundings can add to the authenticity of the portrayal. Remember, the essence of an Imperial Guard is in their imposing presence and unwavering loyalty to the Empire, making them a fascinating character to portray from the "Star Wars" universe.

About Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guards are highly skilled warriors who have been recruited as the Galactic Emperor’s bodyguards. Emperor Palpatine formed the team of guards as a way to protect himself any time he needed to make a public appearance.  They are trained in many advanced forms of combat and are said to be the most skilled fighters in the galaxy. Their faith is unquestionably linked to their current emperor of power and will do what is asked of them without question.

Some believe that the Imperial Guards are actually droids because of how invincible they seem to be, but they were all chosen from the Imperial Military. They don’t speak to anyone, not even each other, and make little to no movement when not in combat. They hold a kind of legacy through the galaxy and inspired the formation of the Elite Praetorian Guard. Their unwavering loyalty and dangerous set of skills should never be tested as they will attack without a second thought. 

Imperial Guard

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