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Best Imelda Rivera Costume Guide

Imelda Rivera is the former matriarch of the Rivera family who appears the Disney Pixar film, Coco. She became a spirit in the Land of the Dead after her death leaving behind a ban of music for her family. At one point, Imelda loved music, and she shared that love with an aspiring musician, Héctor. At nineteen-years-old, Imelda and Héctor fell in love and welcomed their new baby girl, Coco. Soon after, however, Héctor left Imelda and Coco to go on tour and share his musical talents with the world. Unfortunately, he never returned when murdered by someone he trusted. Imelda never forgave Héctor for choosing music over his family.

Get the look of the protective Rivera matriarch with this Imelda Rivera costume guide. Cosplay Imelda’s look by wearing an Imelda Dress with a Skeleton Costume and Skeleton Gloves. Pair it with a pair of Black Boot Heels and accessorize with an Imelda Wig, Gold Hoop Earrings, and a Purple Choker. Finally, add an Imelda Mask to complete the look.

Imelda Rivera Cosplay Costumes

Though loving and compassionate, Imelda Rivera is both stubborn and strong-willed when it comes to her hatred of music. After Héctor’s death, Imelda couldn’t bring herself to listen to music. She felt abandoned and grieved over the love of her life. She eventually turned to shoe-making, where she worked hard and created a family business of her own. Despite the business’s success, Imelda had a hatred for music and didn’t allow anyone in the family to play or even listen to music.

Cosplay Imelda’s look from Disney Pixar’s Coco with a skeleton costume worn underneath an Imelda dress. Add a pair of skeleton gloves and black boot heels along with an Imelda wig, gold earrings, and a purple choker. Complete the look with an Imelda mask to create her Land of the Dead look. Don’t journey to The Land of the Dead alone! Make a grand entrance with your closest friends as you cosplay with your true love Héctor, your spirit guide Pepita, and great-great-grandson Miguel Rivera.

Imelda Rivera Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant and heartfelt world of Disney-Pixar’s “Coco” with our Imelda Rivera costume guide FAQ. Embrace the spirit of the beloved matriarch from the Land of the Dead as we explore your most pressing questions about creating a costume that captures her elegance, strength, and traditional Mexican charm.

Imelda Rivera's outfit is a beautiful representation of traditional Mexican attire. It includes a Victorian-style, floor-length dress with puffed sleeves, typically in shades of red and adorned with floral patterns. Essential to her look are a high-neck blouse under the dress, a decorative apron, and a large, colorful shawl (rebozo). Finish the ensemble with comfortable, period-appropriate shoes.

Imelda has her hair styled in a classic updo, often accessorized with vibrant flowers. To achieve this, style your hair (or a wig) in a bun or similar updo and adorn it with colorful artificial flowers. For makeup, focus on a theatrical, slightly exaggerated approach with bold colors, highlighting her status as a spirited and strong character from the Land of the Dead.

Imelda's dress is characterized by rich, vibrant colors, especially reds and pinks, with floral patterns. Look for a fabric or dress with intricate flower designs. The patterns should be bold and lively, reflecting the vibrant culture and aesthetics of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebration.

Key accessories for an Imelda Rivera costume include a large, colorful shawl (rebozo) draped around the shoulders, and a decorative apron tied at the waist. Also, consider adding skeleton makeup or decals to your hands and face to capture her appearance as a charismatic and elegant skeleton.

Imelda Rivera's quotes reflect her strong will and deep love for her family. Some memorable lines include: "Never forget how much your family loves you.," "I spent decades protecting my family from the man who abandoned us!" and "One cannot deny who one is meant to be." These quotes capture the essence of Imelda's character - her unwavering strength, her commitment to her family, and her journey towards reconciliation and understanding. Incorporating these quotes can add an emotional and authentic depth to your portrayal.

About Imelda Rivera

Imelda Rivera, the matriarch of the Rivera family until her death, began a whirlwind romance with aspiring musician, Héctor. However, after the birth of their daughter Coco, Héctor went on to fulfill his dreams of playing music, leaving his newborn daughter to go on tour. Murdered by his music partner, Héctor never returned home. Imelda felt grief and abandonment and vowed to never listen to music again. To keep her family afloat, Imelda began a successful shoe-making business that her children would eventually inherit. Generations later, Imelda’s great-great-grandson, Miguel, would inherit Imelda and Héctor’s love of music and seek out the answers as to why Imelda banned music in the first place.

Premiering in November of 2017, Disney Pixar’s Coco took inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. Praised for its music, love story, and animation, it was also praised for its respect of Mexican culture and went on to become the 15th highest-grossing animated film of all time.


Imelda Rivera

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