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Best iKONIK Costume Guide

A touch of K-Pop in video games—iKONIK was the epic addition of Samsung to Galaxy S10 users in 2019 for Fornite, a player-versus-environment coop game developed by Epic Games. iKONIK is an exclusive skin released in collaboration between Epic Games and Samsung inspired by Jung Changwoo from the famous K-Pop idol group, iKON. Not only because of its sleek style and influence from the K-Pop band iKON, but a lot of people are also trying to have this skin for their character. However, because of its exclusivity, a lot of players have been trying to obtain this skin illegally.

Get the look of the K-Pop inspired Fornite character with this iKONIK costume guide. Have the coolest cosplay wearing a Black Sportswear Hoodie and Shorts with Red Stripes, White Long-sleeves Shirt, Black Compression Tights Pants, Black Tactical Gloves, Red Running Sneakers, a Black Baclava Face Mask, and a Red Microphone for the necessary props.

iKONIK Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to rock on your dope Fornite moves with this “iconic” iKONIK costume for your upcoming cosplay. Fortnite games get even better when you have cool skins to set your game mode on fire. But, since iKONIC is an exclusive skin only for the Samsung S10 users, some players may not even have the chance to get it until it’s gone. iKONIK isn’t a hard character to copy since you only need a black athleisure outfit with red accents, a white long-sleeve top, some black tights, red sneakers, and a mask to rock iKONIK.

iKONIK has got to be one dope character to cosplay along with other Fortnite characters such as Raptor, Teknique, Rabbit Raider, Skull Trooper, Dark Voyager, Rust Lord, Crackshot, and others. Meet up with your friends for an epic Fortnite themed event wearing your favorite skins as cosplay and display your moves for an epic cosplay game night.

iKONIK Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the world of Fortnite fashion with our exclusive costume guide FAQ for iKONIK, one of the game’s iconic outfits. Get ready to channel the futuristic vibes of this legendary skin as we answer your most common questions about achieving the iKONIK look.

The iKONIK outfit is known for its sleek, futuristic design. It includes a red and black jumpsuit with a stylized "iKONIK" logo on the chest, matching gloves, and sneakers. The outfit is completed with a black and red headset and sunglasses.

The iKONIK outfit was initially available exclusively to Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e users who downloaded Fortnite on their devices. While it's no longer available through this method, you may find it in the Item Shop from time to time, so keep an eye out for it.

Yes, the "Scenario" emote is a perfect match for the iKONIK outfit. It features a catchy dance that suits the futuristic theme. Equipping this emote will enhance your iKONIK cosplay.

For a pickaxe, consider using something sleek and modern like the "Reactive Drop" or "EVA." As for back bling, the "Galaxy Pack" or "P-1000's Challenge Pack" back blings can complement the iKONIK look.

While the iKONIK outfit doesn't have specific catchphrases, Fortnite as a game is known for its emotes and dances. You can incorporate popular Fortnite dance emote names like "Floss," "Orange Justice," or "Take the L" into your cosplay to add an extra layer of authenticity.

About iKONIK

iKONIK is a popular exclusive skin in Fortnite, a player-versus-environment cooperative game. This added skin was under the partnership of the maker Epic Games and Samsung which they made exclusive to just Samsung Galaxy S10 series users. The skin was inspired by Jung Chanwoo, a K-Pop idol from the popular idol group iKON. Hence, the name of the skin. With this add-on, players can dress like Chanwoo and can unlock a special “emote” feature which makes your character dance to the band’s mega-hit “Love Scenario.”

Because of the exclusivity of iKONIK, some players obtained the skin in means not allowed by Epic Games. This forces the company to remove it from some of the players’ lockers. However, Samsung decided to replace it with a new exclusive skin called “Glow” which they made available not only on the S10 series but also on A9, S9, Tab S4, and others.


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