How to Dress Like Ignacio (Nacho Libre)

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Red Cape
Wrestling Mask
Mens Compression Pants
Mens Red Underwear
Pair Sew-On Fabric Oval Patches
Pro Wrestling Costume Boots

Best Ignacio Costume Guide

Ignacio is a fighter physically and a fighter for his dreams. Since a young boy he had always wanted to become a professional wrestler, and he did that along with helping many orphaned children by donating his earnings to them. Ignacio, or Nacho, is a caring guy who simply wants to live out his dreams. Don’t we all? His costume is humorous and endearing. All the costume pieces in this guide will help you create Nacho’s unforgettable look and will make you feel like a famous luchador.

The wrestler’s costume accessories include a signature Red Cape, Men’s Compression Pants, Men’s Red Underwear, a Pair of Fabric Oval Sew-On Patches, Pro Wrestling Costume Boots in red, and the Nacho Libre Wrestling Mask to finish the costume. Once you have all of the items, you will feel like the winner that Ignacio was in the ring and to the little orphan children.

Ignacio Cosplay Costumes

Ignacio is definitely the life of the party and his costume portrays that. From the red cape to the red boots, we know that Igancio is serious when it comes to wrestling. Even though he came from a monastery, he knew how to catch a person’s eye when putting together his wrestling attire. You can recreate this cosplay idea simply by looking through the items we have found for you to achieve Ignacio’s signature look.

Start with Nacho’s infamous red cape, men’s compression pants, men’s red underwear, a pair of fabric oval sew-on patches, Pro Wrestling costume boots in red, and the Nacho Libre wrestling mask. All of his accessories are necessary to achieve the wrestler’s personality through his costume. This is a fun idea for any cosplay event and you will be sure to remember the outfit for many more cosplays to come!

Ignacio Costume Tips & FAQs

Leap into the comical and heartfelt world of wrestling with our Nacho Libre costume guide FAQ. This section is designed to help you embody the lovable and spirited character of Ignacio, the monk-turned-wrestler from the beloved comedy “Nacho Libre.”

Nacho Libre’s wrestling attire is both unique and iconic. The key components include a pair of sky blue wrestling tights with red accents, red knee-high wrestling boots, and a red cape. To complete the look, add a luchador mask in matching blue and red, which is essential to his wrestler persona.

Nacho Libre sports a distinctive hairstyle - medium-length, wavy, and somewhat unkempt, typically in a dark color. The hairstyle is casual and a little bit wild, reflecting his humorous and free-spirited character.

Key accessories for a Nacho Libre costume include his luchador mask, which is central to his wrestling identity. Additionally, carrying around a toy microphone or making a mock wrestling belt can add an element of fun and authenticity to your costume.

For makeup, focus on exaggerating your facial expressions, which are visible through the mask's eye and mouth openings. This might include enhancing your eyebrows and using a bit of eyeliner to make your eyes stand out. The aim is to convey emotion and humor, just like Nacho in the ring.

Including quotes or emulating actions from Nacho Libre can make your costume more lively and authentic. Some memorable lines and actions include: "I am not listening to you! You only believe in Science. That's probably why we never win.," "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!," His theatrical wrestling moves and poses in the ring and his humorous attempts at impressing Sister Encarnación. Embodying Nacho's over-the-top and earnest personality, along with his dreamer's heart, will bring life to your costume.

About Ignacio

Ignacio is the character portrayed by Jack Black in the film Nacho Libre. Ignacio was a cook for a monastery in Mexico, but he dreamed of becoming a luchador, or a professional wrestler. Wrestling was forbidden in his monastery, but Ignacio fought the urge as long as he possibly could. He secretly joined the wrestling world with the dismay of losing many, many matches. Even though he lost the majority of his fights, he was paid in small amounts. He used the money to help the orphans of the monastery because this was also a dream of his.

Ignacio fought under the secret identity of Nacho. Somehow, without the lack of trying, Ignacio made it to the final rounds of the wrestling matches. He lost, but when the successor had to surrender his winning spot, Ignacio took his place in the final match. Ignacio outfought the last contender and was able to use all of his winnings to help the orphans in his monastery.


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