How to Dress like Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan Costume Guide
Red "Hulkamania" Bandana
Hulk Hogan Wig
"Hulkamania" Sleeveless T-shirt
Mueller White Athletic Tape
ASICS Red Wrestling Knee Pad
Red and Yellow Tie-Dye Wrestling Legging
Hulk Hogan Red Wrestling Weight Belt
Hulk Hogan Wrestling Boots

Best Hulk Hogan Costume Guide

Step into the ring dressed as Hulk Hogan, known as Terry Gene Bollea, considered by many to be the greatest and most recognizable pro wrestler of all-time.  Hogan is a twelve-time world wrestling champion and member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Look like the Hulk with a Red “Hulkamania” Bandana, Hulk Hogan Wig, “Hulkamania” Sleeveless T-shirt, Red and Yellow Tie-Dye Wrestling Legging, and Hulk Hogan Wrestling Boots. Get ready to wrestle with the complete costume that includes Mueller White Athletic Tape, ASICS Red Wrestling Knee Pads, and Hulk Hogan Red Wrestling Weight Belt.

Hulk Hogan Cosplay Costumes

It’s probably almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t at least heard of Hulk Hogan, one of the most popular pro wrestlers out there. If you’re interested in prehaps doing a group cosplay, your friends could easily go as another wrestler he faced off against such as Macho Man Randy Savage. He has a very distinct look so you may need to find a few key pieces to really complete his look but once you do, you’ll most likely be the talk of the place. If you don’t have long blonde hair, you’ll most likely need to find a wig along with red “Hulkamania” bandana to tie on top. Pairing that with a yellow “Hulkamania” t-shirt and a red wrestling belt and boots made specifically for Hulk Hogan, you’ll be closer to achieving the look of this wrestler. If you’re unable to find his red and yellow shorts, you’ll probably be able to tie-dye those yourself and then grab a pair of red knee-pads and white athletic tape along the way. Don’t forget to send us a few photos to include in our featured gallery so others can get inspiration from your amazing cosplay!

About Hulk Hogan

One of the most popular pro wrestlers, Hulk Hogan has a rough kind of charm about him that have you remembering him for ages. He’s hot-headed, a natural-born leader and basically goes after whatever he wants. He’s definitely not a person you want to argue with and this personality just helped fuel his wrestling matches and get him where he is now. While wrestling may have been watched before, it didn’t become as popular as it is now until Hulk Hogan intervened. Combined with his explosive personality and the things he pulled, it’s easy to see why he caught fire so quickly and even decades later he still has plenty of business opportunities and memorabilia.

He debuted in 1977 and created plenty of entertaining matches during his time as a pro wrestler. He kept at this until he eventually retired in 2012 with a networth of about $25 million. While he may not be wrestling now, he’s still making cash by doing reality shows and enjoying life with his family by his side.

Hulk Hogan

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