How to Dress Like Hugo Strange

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Hugo Strange Costume Guide
Bald Cap
Arkham Patch
Black Round Sunglasses
White Lab Coat
Black Shenandoah Beard
Toy Syringe
Black Latex Gloves
Black Flat Front Pants
Arkham Badge and Lanyard
Dockers Black Oxford Shoes

Best Hugo Strange Halloween Costume Guide

Dr. Hugo Strange is perhaps one of the most unique Batman villians of all-time. He’s the only character who knows the true identity of Batman. Yet more strange is the fact that he protects it as fiercely as the Batman himself, thinking that no other person is worthy of knowing this secret except himself. He is one of the first recurring villains in the Batman series.

To dress up like him, you’ll first need to wear a Bald Cap, Black Shenandoah Beard, and a pair of Black Round Sunglasses to create his crazy, yet intelligent look of Dr. Hugo Strange. Next, put on a White Lab Coat and Black Flat Front Pants. After that, wear a pair of Dockers Black Oxford Shoes and Latex Gloves to complete the scientist’s outfit. Then wear the Arkham Badge and Lanyard along with the Arkham Patch on the Lab Coat. Don’t forget to bring along your Clipboard and a Toy Syringe to complete the menacing look!

Hugo Strange Cosplay Costumes

Hugo Strange is a genius gone wrong. His sharp beard and black sunglasses with which he so elegantly hides his pitiless eyes enhances his mad scientist look. But he doesn’t do things alone. So spice up your cosplay and bring together a couple of Batman villains and allies to create the ultimate cosplay group.

Your friends can dress up as other Batman Villains like the Penguin, the Riddler, and the Joker to make things more exciting. Or you can mix things up and create a mix of Marvel and DC Comics villains cosplay. Or you can put the heroes like Batman and Flash along with the villains like Hugo Strange and The Joker together. There are so many possibilities! When you and your friends are all dressed up, take a few snaps and submit a few pictures! And if you’re looking for some other inspiration, check out our other costume guides as well!

About Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is villain most prominent in his role on the TV show, Gotham. He is in charge of the infamous Arkham Asylum, a rehabilitation center of sorts for the criminally insane. While on the surface, it seems like he treats patients, his actual activities in the asylum are far more sinister.

Below the Asylum lies a secret laboratory which Hugo Strange runs with the help of his assistant, Ms. Peabody. They perform vile operations on humans with their ultimate goal being to reanimate a dead body. In addition to this, they also perform crude experiments combining living people’s DNA with that of animals to ‘enhance’ their abilities.

Hugo Strange played a major role in the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. He is also known by the pseudonym, the Philosopher. His main power is his high level of intellect combined with extreme expertise in the field of chemistry and biology.

Hugo Strange

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