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Red Zip-up Hoodie
Red Hat
Music Band T-Shirt
Blue Jeans
Nike Sneakers

Best How Do You Do, Fellow Kids Costume Guide

Sometimes a just a short scene from a TV show is so great that it captures the attention of the internet and spreads like wildfire. Such was the case with a 10-second clip from the popular NBC comedy show 30 Rock, featuring special guest star Steve Buscemi. That wonderful snippet of modern pop culture became known as “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?” This has become the default meme of a person pretending to be a part of a group they are unfamiliar with. The clip features Lenny Wosniak, the private investigator played by Steve Buscemi, holding a skateboard. Get the look of the undercover high school student with this “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids” costume guide.

Cosplay Lenny Wosniak from 30 Rock with this incredibly easy outfit that Steve Buscemi wears. All you’ll need is a pair of Blue Jeans, Music Band T-Shirt, Red Zip-up Hoodie, Red Hat, Nike Sneakers and a skateboard. The simplicity of this costume makes it great for big events or to get a laugh from your friends at a party.

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids Cosplay Costumes

Cosplaying this meme is very much a solo effort since the outfit originates from such a small snippet of a television show. It doesn’t exactly lend itself to group cosplay. But don’t let that stop you having fun from dressing up like Steve Buscemi in this hilarious scene from NBC’s 30 Rock!

Steve Buscemi is one of the finest actors of our generation staring in some tremendous roles. Why not get a group of friends together and throw a Buscemi party! A fine suit can be worn by his of his Boardwalk Empire character Nucky Thompson, a traditional black suit and white shirt can be worn by Mr. Pink of Reservoir Dogs, sport a classic mustard turtleneck and fur-lined coat to look like Carl from Fargo, or dress up in a white suit for the Tony Blundetto look from the Sopranos. Let your Buscemi imagination run wild!

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a hilarious journey of blending in with the younger crowd with our costume guide FAQ for the iconic “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?” moment from “30 Rock.” This scene, featuring Steve Buscemi’s character undercover in a high school, has become a meme symbolizing out-of-touch attempts to fit in with the youth. This FAQ will assist you in capturing the essence of this memorable disguise, ensuring your costume resonates with both fans of the show and internet culture aficionados.

The outfit is famously comprised of a basic, backward baseball cap, a graphic skateboard t-shirt, a hoodie, and a pair of jeans. The look is topped off with the incongruous addition of aviator sunglasses, which adds to the comedic disconnect of the character trying to blend in with teenagers.

The graphic t-shirt should ideally feature a vibrant, youth-oriented design, such as a skateboard, band logo, or any pop culture reference that screams teenage appeal. The more out-of-place it looks on an adult trying to mimic teen fashion, the better it captures the essence of the scene.

In the scene, the character awkwardly holds the skateboard under his arm, which emphasizes his lack of familiarity with skateboarding culture. Mimicking this posture—holding a skateboard under one arm, rather than riding it—will add an authentic touch to your costume.

While the main elements of the costume are quite straightforward, accessorizing with items like fake earbuds or a prop smartphone can amplify the illusion of trying to fit in with the tech-savvy youth. These accessories should be used in a slightly exaggerated manner to highlight the comedic aspect of the attempt.

The most iconic line from this moment is, "How do you do, fellow kids?" This single sentence perfectly captures the awkwardness and humor of the scene. Repeating this line, especially when greeting others, will immediately resonate with those familiar with the scene and add a layer of interactive fun to your costume.

About "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids" from 30 Rock

In season 6 of NBC’s hilarious television show, 30 Rock, Steve Buscemi guest stars as Lenny Wosniak, a former police officer and now a private detective. In a meeting with Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin, Buscemi begins recalling his time as an undercover police officer in a special task force of young-looking cops who would (supposedly) pose as a high school student.

The result is a flashback to this time, where a considerably older-looking Buscemi walks into a high school corridor wearing a backward baseball cap, a t-shirt emblazoned with “Music Band” in the style of the AC/DC logo, jeans, and sneakers. Toting a skateboard slung over his shoulder, he confidently strides toward a group of students and delivers the now famous line, “How do you do, fellow kids?” The rest is history!

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids

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