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The 2007 movie Hot Rod by The Lonely Island, is a comedic film starring Andy Samberg as a young man with big dreams. He’s an amateur stuntman who’s known for his many failures. When Frank, his step-father, needs a heart operation, Rod decides to raise the money for the procedure by attempting the biggest stunt ever!

Rod Kimble is an outgoing and confident guy. He doesn’t care how many times he has to fall before actually completing a stunt. He isn’t put down by others mocking him either. He may not be the best stuntman, and he may not think things through, but he’s got enough resilience to bounce off a hill. Get the look of the amateur stuntman with this Hot Rod Kimble costume guide. You’ll be unstoppable like Hot Rod with Blue Coveralls, Eagle Pin, Yellow Cape, American Flag Patch, White T-Shirt, Motorcycle GLoves, Bauer Helmet, Curly Wig and Moustache, and Fabric Paint.

Hot Rod Kimble Cosplay Costumes

Rod Kimble becomes a stuntman because he believes his deceased father was also a world-famous stuntman. Rod believes he was well-known and loved by all, so he wants to become just as good. When his step-father, Frank, becomes sick and needs a heart operation, Rod takes it upon himself to raise the money. Not only because it will help his step-father, but because he still needs to earn Frank’s respect. With the help of his friends and the faith he has in himself, nothing will stop Hod Rod from making the jump!

You’re going to need some people to cheer you on dressed up in your stunt gear, so why not get all your friends involved! They can come as Kevin Powell, Dave McLean, Rico Brown, Denise Harris, or Frank Powell. You’ll have no problem with this jump as long as you believing in yourself!

Hot Rod Kimble Costume Tips & FAQs

Jump into the daring and comedic world of Rod Kimble from “Hot Rod,” the cult classic by The Lonely Island, with our costume guide FAQ. Rod, a self-proclaimed stuntman with more heart than skill, has a memorable look that’s both fun and easy to recreate. This guide will help you capture his amateur stuntman vibe, perfect for fans looking to pay homage to this hilariously endearing character.

Rod Kimble's signature look is a mix of amateur stuntman and 80s nostalgia. Essential components include a white jumpsuit or a long-sleeved white shirt paired with white pants. The outfit should have various patches or logos, similar to a professional racer's suit. Rod also sports a blue cape and often wears a helmet with goggles. His costume is completed with a pair of white sneakers or boots.

Rod has a typical 80s hairstyle – medium length, a bit shaggy and unkempt. Achieving this look might involve using a wig or styling your hair with some gel to give it a slightly disheveled appearance. Rod's facial features are pretty straightforward, with a bit of stubble. You can either grow out your facial hair slightly or use makeup to create a stubbled look.

Look for a plain white jumpsuit, which you can modify by adding patches or logos to mimic a stuntman's suit. If you can’t find a jumpsuit, a white long-sleeved shirt and white pants can work as a substitute. The key is to achieve a look that's both comedic and reminiscent of a homemade stunt costume.

Rod's blue cape and his helmet with goggles are iconic to his character. The cape can be made from simple blue fabric, and it should be tied around the neck. For the helmet, use a basic motorbike or bicycle helmet and attach a pair of goggles. These accessories capture Rod's fearless, albeit misguided, stuntman persona.

Rod is known for his overconfidence and humorous failures. Including quotes like “I'm Rod, and I like to party” or performing exaggerated stuntman poses will capture his quirky character. Emulating his awkward but enthusiastic dance moves or pretending to rev up an invisible motorcycle can also add a fun and authentic touch to your portrayal.

About Hot Rod Kimble

Rod Kimble is an amateur stuntman in the comedy movie, Hot Rod. His step-father, Frank, thinks his ideas are ridiculous and often mocks Rod’s stunts. With his Tomos moped, Rod tries to land as many jumps as he can, but most of them don’t end well. No matter what he does or how many times he tries, he can’t earn the respect of his step-father. 

When Frank needs urgent heart surgery, Rod decides that it’s up to him to raise the money for the operation. His idea is to complete a stunt to raise funds for the procedure, which will also earn the respect of his step-father. Rod wants to jump over fifteen school buses, which is the biggest stunt he’s ever attempted! With the help of his friends, they begin organizing the event. They create a Stuntman Film to create a buzz around town leading up to the event. Now all Rod Kimble has to do is make the jump!

Hot Rod Kimble

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