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Best Honeydew Mei Costume Guide

Honeydew Mei is one of the playable characters in the team-based multiplayer game, Overwatch. She is a Chinese climatologist that uses frost as a battle weapon. Mei is employed by the international task force organization, Overwatch, to determine the cause of the changing climate. During a deployment in Antartica, Mei and the other scientists got trapped at the facility due to a polar storm. The group decided to put themselves in a state of cryostasis because there were not enough resources to wait for rescuers. Mei was the only survivor found a decade later.

She typically wears a thick suit to protect her from the cold. For the game’s 2019 anniversary event, players were able to see Mei in a very different look courtesy of her cute and sexy Honeydew outfit. To match Honeydew’s outfit, you should wear a green uniform from a bubble tea shop, a pair of short shorts, a frilly apron, and gloves. Your essential costume accessories should include an Endothermic Backpack, Endothermic Blaster, Round Framed Eyeglasses, Hair Ties, Honeydew Mei Shoes, and a Brown Hair Wig.

Honeydew Mei Cosplay Costumes

As a dedicated climatologist, Mei worked relentlessly in preserving the environment. She is a member of Overwatch’s multi-year initiative to establish watchpoints worldwide, mostly in remote and critical locations. Mei introduced innovations in her field to protect areas at risk. She was assigned at an outpost in Antarctica when a horrific polar storm trapped her and her fellow scientists inside the station. The group was cut off from the outside world, and in a last-ditch effort to survive with the dwindling supplies, they entered cryostasis to preserve themselves. Unfortunately, after a decade, Mei was the only team member who survived. She woke up to a whole new environment—Overwatch was no more and the climate situation had worsened.

What’s even better than a Mei typical look? It’s the Honeydew Mei costume! This cosplay is perfect for ladies who are on the thick side because the costume showcases Mei’s curviness. Join together with your fellow gamer friends to cosplay together as a group with characters like Tracer, D.Va, or McCree.

Honeydew Mei Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the summery, fun-loving spirit of Honeydew Mei from the “Overwatch” Summer Games event with our costume guide FAQ. This unique skin showcases Mei in a playful and vibrant look, diverging from her typical winter gear. Our guide will assist you in recreating this refreshing take on Mei, perfect for cosplay events or themed gatherings.

Honeydew Mei's costume is a delightful and colorful ensemble. It includes a green and white dress resembling a honeydew melon, complete with a melon-slice pattern and a small honeydew charm at the collar. Additional elements include white tights or leggings, green shoes, and a green headband. Don't forget her signature round glasses to complete the look.

Mei's hairstyle in the Honeydew skin remains true to her classic look - long, dark hair with straight bangs. You can use your own hair if it's suitable or opt for a wig that matches this style. For makeup, aim for a natural, fresh look with a focus on the eyes to reflect Mei's kind and optimistic personality.

To create Mei's Honeydew dress, look for fabrics in vibrant green and white. The dress itself is relatively simple in design but features a distinct melon-slice pattern. You can either paint this pattern onto the fabric or look for similar patterned material. Pay attention to the small details like the honeydew charm and green trim to capture the playful essence of the skin.

Key accessories for Honeydew Mei include her green headband and her round glasses, which are iconic to her character. Additionally, creating or finding a prop version of her Endothermic Blaster, redesigned to fit the summer theme, would significantly enhance the authenticity of the costume.

Mei is known for her cheerful and encouraging demeanor. Incorporating her classic phrases like “Yay!” and “Amazing!” can bring her character to life. Poses with her Endothermic Blaster or mimicking her victory poses from the game, especially those where she's cheerful and playful, will add an extra touch of authenticity to your cosplay.

About Honeydew Mei

Mei is a compassionate person who is very kind-hearted towards people and the environment. Her goal is to preserve the planet’s ecosystem for future generations. Her character was initially supposed to be like a bounty hunter but was steered towards a more everyday person persona.

Upon discovering that Overwatch was terminated, Mei decided to continue her goal of saving the environment, even if this meant pursuing it on her own. She traveled around the world, armed with a portable variation of the climate manipulation technology she developed. She aimed to re-establish the eco-network she helped create and find the cause of the threats to the ecosystem. Her weather-altering devices are capable of both slowing down her opponents and protecting her locations. For example, she can unleash frost streams and damaging icicles using her Endothermic Blaster. She can also initiate cryo-freeze to feeze herself to defend herself against counterattacks. She can also build an Ice Wall to obstruct her enemies’ movements.

Honeydew Mei

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