How to Dress Like Homestar Runner

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Homestar Runner Costume Guide
White Full Body Suit
Red Shirt with White Star
White Face Paint
Blue Cap with Red Brim
White Van Sneakers with Blue Soles
White Propellor

Best Homestar Runner Costume Guide

Homestar Runner is the title character in a popular web-based Flash animation series by the same name. First hitting our computer screens in 2000, Homestar Runner appears in hilarious online animations. He is known as a star athlete on a sports team, although we never really find out what sport. We do know, however, that he is usually involved in grueling workouts and training schedules. Homestar struggles to pronounce the letter “R” and has a distinctive nasal tone in his voice. While Homestar isn’t unpopular, he is often the subject of ridicule, especially from Strong Bad. Get the look of the flash animation with this Homestar Runner costume guide.

Get yourself moving by cosplaying Homestar Runner. To get the look of the funny internet cartoon, you’ll first need a Blue Cap with Red Brim, White Face Paint, a White Full Body Suit, Red Shirt with White Star, White Van Sneakers with Blue Sole, and a White Propellor to go on top of your hat.

Homestar Runner Cosplay Costumes

At one point, the Homestar Runner website was the most popular online Flash animation site for webcomics. As the creators moved on to other things in 2010, the web-series went into somewhat of a hiatus. But, following an April Fools episode posted in 2014, there have been episodes showing up at sporadic times due to the overwhelming response from the April Fools comic. Needless to say, people still love Homestar Runner and his costume is still recognizable. Go white with white face paint and a White Full Body Suit. Next, you’ll need the signature star t-shirt and white and blue vans. Lastly, get the popular coordinating cap with a propeller.

Homestar interacts most with characters appearing in the series like his best friend Pom Pom, Coach Z, Strong Bad, and The Cheat. So, maybe you’ve got a few friends that want to cosplay these characters and join you on a day out as the complete crew from Homestar Runner.

About Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner is the main character in a web-based Flash animation series which also shares his name. Created by Matt and Mike Chapman in 2000, the series has gained a huge amount of popularity in the years since. Homestar himself is known to be an amazing athlete, and is always involved in vigorous exercise routines to stay in top shape. This impresses his coach, Coach Z, although we don’t actually find out what sports Homestar excels at.

Homestar Runner is mostly portrayed as being naïve and dim-witted. He clearly has serious issues with his short-term memory as well as a speech impediment. He shows glimpses of intelligence but these moments are fleeting. Most of the time his happy-go-lucky personality and love for everyone see him bear the brunt of jokes and ridicule from others. He doesn’t have any trouble getting along with people, although one of his downfalls is believing that everybody likes him.

Homestar Runner

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