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Hit-Girl, whose real name is Mindy Macready, is a crime-fighting vigilante from the superhero comedy movie Kick-Ass. Adapted from the original comic book created by Marvel Comics, Kick-Ass debuted in 2010. Mindy, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, is the daughter of an ex-policeman who was framed by mob boss Frank D’Amico after he refused to work for him. He was imprisoned for five years, which caused his pregnant wife to commit suicide. The doctors saved Mindy (the baby) and she was adopted by her father’s previous police partner, Marcus Williams.

Due to her father training her from a young age, Mindy is quite skilled when it comes to a fight. She’s knowledgeable of guns, knives, grenades, martial arts, spears, and other tactics. She is fun-loving and sarcastic, both with and without the mask. She finds a deep respect for Kick-Ass because of his bravery to fight for what is right. She believes he has much potential. Get the look of the young vigilante with this Hit-Girl costume guide. To get Hit-Girl’s look, you will need a Hit-Girl Costume, Toy Gun, Rope, Black Boots and a Purple Wig.

Hit-Girl Cosplay Costumes

Hit-Girl is often misjudged due to her age and appearance. She looks frail and innocent, but is incredibly dangerous! She likes to use her appearance to advantage as she tricks people into trusting her. Mindy Macready, Hit-Girl’s alter-ego, was forced to deal with many difficult things from a young age. These experiences have made her incredibly bitter. She hates Frank D’Amico for what he did to both her father and mother, and she promises to get revenge. However, she still tries to see the bright side of things when she can.

Hit-Girl’s outfit is a fun mix between her childish, girly attitude and her darker vigilante side. It has her style mixed in with practicality and flare. Hit-Girl’s costume, which includes the skirt, jacket, and utility belt, is pretty specific. However, you maybe be able to recreate these pieces on your own with a little ingenuity. Hit-Girl’s accessories, however, like the wig, mask, and rope, should be easy to find. Some may call the costume over-the-top, but she calls it style! No one would dare question you when dressed as Hit-Girl!

About Hit-Girl

Kick-Ass is a different take on your typical superhero movie. Set in our world, where there’s no such thing as superpowers, magical abilities, or coming back from the dead. When a boy named Dave Lizewski decides to become a superhero called Kick-Ass, he inspires others to do the same. The main problem is, Dave is still just a naive teenager and has no idea what he’s doing. Maybe with the help of Mindy and her father, they help Kick-Ass become a better hero.

Mindy Macready and her father Damon have already started vigilante work of their own after a crime boss, Frank D’Amico, sent Damon to prison. Damon trained Mindy from a young age in martial arts and self-defense by teaching her how to use knives, guns, grenades, and other weapons. With their hatred for D’Amico, the duo take the hero aliases of Hit-Girl and Big Daddy and begin working together to take down his crime ring.



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