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Best Hiro Hamada Costume Guide

Hiro Hamada, voiced by Ryan Potter, is the leader of the group Big Hero 6, a team of superheroes whose goal is to protect the city of San Fransokyo in the 2014 animated Big Hero 6 Disney movie. Following the death of his older brother Tadashi Hamada, Hiro is accompanied by the lovable Baymax whom his brother Tadashi created. The group of friends eventually using their robotic skills to create superhero costumes to defeat the evil Professor Callaghan. Dress up like the boy genius with this Hiro Hamada costume guide.

Dress like the superhero with a Hiro Hamada T-shirt, Tech Performance Full Zip Hoodie, Long Lightweight Cargo Shorts, Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers, and Yellow Wide Shoelaces. Don’t forget your personal healthcare companion Baymax Plush Toy.

Hiro Hamada Cosplay Costumes

Hiro’s style is much more laid back and relaxed than his older brother Tadashi Hamada’s, so you shouldn’t have to go much further than your own closet to find all the pieces you need for this costume! The shirt that has the robot on it will probably be easiest to find online along with the Baymax plush doll. But for the rest of the clothes needed, just take a look around in your closet! Rough your hair up a little to get the look that Hiro is all about!

Hiro doesn’t go far without the rest of the crew from Big Hero 6, which makes this the perfect opportunity for a group cosplay! Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred are all friends of Hiro and can easily go along with Hiro. Follow this cosplay guide and send a picture of your completed costume to be posted in the Hiro cosplay gallery.

Hiro Hamada Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the innovative world of San Fransokyo with our Hiro Hamada costume guide FAQ, inspired by the lead character from “Big Hero 6.” Perfect for fans looking to embody Hiro’s intelligence, creativity, and heroism, this guide will help you recreate his distinctive look, capturing the essence of a young genius turned superhero.

Hiro Hamada's outfit is a blend of casual and high-tech gear. The primary components include a dark blue jumpsuit, which is his superhero suit. The suit has red and purple accents and is fitted with armor-like padding on the chest and knees. Hiro wears black fingerless gloves and comfortable dark sneakers. His hair is messy and tousled, typical of a young, busy inventor. For his casual look, Hiro often wears a dark T-shirt, a red hoodie, cargo shorts, and sneakers.

To replicate Hiro's superhero suit, start with a base of a dark blue jumpsuit or create one using dark blue fabric. Add red and purple fabric or felt to mimic the design details and armor-like padding. If you're skilled in sewing or crafting, consider adding foam padding for a more three-dimensional effect. Ensure the suit remains comfortable and flexible, allowing for movement.

Hiro wears dark, comfortable sneakers that are suitable for action. For accessories, the black fingerless gloves are essential. If you're portraying his inventor side, consider carrying a small, tech-inspired prop, like a toy robot or a gadget, to represent his genius in robotics.

To fully capture Hiro's character, focus on his youthful energy and brilliance. His hair should be styled in a messy, carefree manner, typical of a teenager. Adopting a confident yet inquisitive demeanor can also enhance the authenticity of your costume, reflecting Hiro's nature as a young leader and inventor.

To enhance your portrayal, consider using some of Hiro's memorable quotes: "We didn't set out to be superheroes, but sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned.," "I am not fast.," "Baymax, I didn’t know you could do that.," "My brain hates my eyes for seeing this." and "Come on! I am not giving up on you. You don’t understand this yet, but people need you." These quotes capture Hiro's journey from a gifted kid to a dedicated hero, his determination, and his bond with Baymax and his friends.

About Hiro Hamada

Hiro Hamada is the younger brother of Tadashi Hamada in the 2014 Disney animated film Big Hero 6. Hiro is so intelligent that he graduated from high school at the age of thirteen. Because he knows he’s brilliant, Hiro can be somewhat cocky and believes that he knows everything, His brother, Tadashi, tried to convince him to use his knowledge to go to college, but Hiro didn’t understand why he would go when he knows more than they could ever teach him.

Hiro bet on bot fights he built until his brother suddenly passed away in an “accidental” fire. This changed Hiro’s outlook on life, and he turned to Baymax and Tadashi’s best friends to discover what really happened. Hiro and the crew set out to protect the people of San Fransokyo as superheroes. Now, all Hiro wants in life is to find justice for his brother and to stop others from the same unfair treatment.

Hiro Hamada

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