How to Dress Like Hiro Hamada

Hiro Hamada T-shirt
Tech Performance Full Zip Hoodie
Baymax 10 1/2" Plush
Long Lightweight Cargo Shorts
Yellow Wide Shoelaces
Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers
  1. Hiro Hamada T-shirt Check Price
  2. Tech Performance Full Zip Hoodie Check Price
  3. Baymax Plush Toy Check Price
  4. Long Lightweight Cargo Shorts Check Price
  5. Yellow Wide Shoelaces Check Price
  6. Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers Check Price

Best Hiro Hamada Costume Guide

Hiro Hamada, voiced by Ryan Potter, is the leader of Big Hero 6, a team of superheroes whose goal is to protect the city of San Fransokyo in the animated Disney movie. Eventually, Hiro would be accompanied by the lovable Baymax, whom his brother Tadashi Hamada created. Dress like the superhero with a Hiro Hamada T-shirt, Tech Performance Full Zip Hoodie, Long Lightweight Cargo Shorts, Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers, and Yellow Wide Shoelaces. Don’t forget your personal healthcare companion Baymax Plush Toy.

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