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Best Hinata Hyuga Costume Guide

Hinata Hyuga is the eldest child of Hiashi Hyuga and is considered to be the heiress to the Hyuga clan in the popular Japanese anime series, Naruto. From a young age, it became apparent to her father that Hinata wasn’t cut out for the lofty responsibilities placed on her. When her sister, Hanabi, showed more talent, their father arranged a fight between the two. Hinata, being far more timid and gentle wasn’t willing to hurt her sister, and therefore lost, which led to her being disinherited. Get the look of the member of Team 8 with this Hinata Hyuga.

Not to be completely defeated, Hinata graduates from Konoha’s Academy and joins Team 8 where she not only improves herself but ends up meeting Naruto Uzumaki who she would one day marry. If you want to cosplay the determined ninja Hinata Hyuga, you’ll nee tod dress up in a Cosplay Wig, Hinata Costume, Ninja Shoes, Gauze Wrap, Kunai Holder and Ninja Headband.


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