How to Dress Like Hilda

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Pink Pokemon Hat
Pink Fashion Designer Handbags
Cargo Vest
Tank Top
Neon Pink Fabric Paint
Distressed Cut Off Ripped Jean Shorts
Pink Shoelaces
Pink and Black Wristbands
Red-White Pokeball
Boot Socks
Military Combat Boots

Best Hilda Costume Guide

Play Pokemon dressed as Hilda, the female character in Pokemon Black and White, who is also referred to White. Hilda’s male counterpart in the game is Hilbert. Dressed like Hilda, you will be able to successfully battle against N and Team Plasma. Get her costume with a Pink Pokemon Hat, Tank Top, Cargo Vest, Distressed Cut Off Ripped Jean Shorts, Boot Socks, Military Combat Boots, and Pink Shoelaces. Complete Hilda’s look with Pink and Black Wristbands, Neon Pink Fabric Paint, Pink Fashion Designer Handbags, and Red-White Pokeball.

Hilda Cosplay Costumes

Hilda is a cute Pokemon loving character with a style that we love! You can recreate Hilda’s look easily because it’s likely that you already have many of these pieces in your clothing collection! No worrying to catch all of these pieces because you are almost there! Since you probably already have a white tank top, denim shorts, and black socks! Luckily, the black cargo vest, black combat boots, pink fabric paint, shoelaces and pink handbag can be found in tons of stores! The only pieces that you will want to order online are the Pokeball, pink Pokemon hat, and the pink and black wristbands. Easy enough right?!

Once you have your look put together, make sure to send us a picture so we can add it to our Hilda costume gallery! Now it’s time to get some friends together and make this a group cosplay! You can choose from Ash Ketchum, Brock, Misty, and tons of other characters from the Pokemon games!

Hilda Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the adventurous world of Pokémon with our costume guide FAQ tailored for Hilda, the beloved character from Pokémon Black and White. This section is crafted to assist you in capturing Hilda’s energetic and determined spirit, providing answers to your questions about recreating her iconic look for cosplay or themed events.

Hilda's outfit is recognized for its sporty and functional style, perfect for a Pokémon Trainer. Key elements include a white tank top with a black undershirt, denim shorts, and a pink waist pouch. Additionally, her ensemble includes black thigh-high socks, red and white sneakers, a red and white cap with a Poké Ball logo, and a black wristband.

Hilda has a distinctive, long ponytail with a side fringe. To recreate this, you can either style your hair if it's long enough or use a long, dark brown wig. For her hat, look for a red and white cap, similar to a trucker hat, and add a Poké Ball logo either by painting it on or attaching a printed fabric piece.

Hilda's makeup is minimal, reflecting her youthful and natural appearance. Focus on a clean, fresh face with a touch of pink blush for a healthy glow. A light coat of mascara can accentuate the eyes, keeping the overall look simple and in line with Hilda's character.

Essential accessories for Hilda include her pink waist pouch, which is an iconic part of her outfit. You can either find a similar pouch or customize one with fabric paint. Additionally, her black wristband is a simple yet crucial element of her attire.

As a character in a game primarily driven by player choice and actions, Hilda does not have specific spoken lines. However, you can embody her character by focusing on themes of adventure, determination, and the spirit of a Pokémon Trainer. You could use phrases like "I'm on a journey to become the Pokémon Champion!" or "Let's see how strong my Pokémon have become!" to capture her essence and enthusiasm for Pokémon battles.

About Hilda

Hilda, also known as White in the game “Pokemon Black and White,” helps the player’s character fight against N and his followers Team Plasma. While N is planning on separating the Pokemon from the human world, Hilda wants to do quite the opposite! Her goal is to help the players in the game learn how to catch and take care of their Pokemon.

Hilda didn’t always want to be a trainer or anything of the sort, she had a secret passion for musicals and decided to become an agent for Pokemon talent! She knew Pokemon must want to express their own feelings and talents somehow, and she planned on helping them do so. Hilda goes by White and her counterpart is Black. She hires Black to help her in the talent agency, but they later go on adventures together such as battling N and the Plasma Team! Hilda had no idea the adventures she had in store!


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