How to Dress Like Hilbert

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Hilbert Cosplay Hat
Brown Cosplay Wig
Black Digital Sport Watch
Pokemon Hilbert Jacket
Black T Shirt
Canvas Web Belt with Silver Buckle
Blue Messenger Bag
Black Tactical Pants
Mini Oshawott Plush
Puma Sky II Red Sneakers

Best Hilbert Costume Guide

Hilbert is a Pokemon Trainer who lives in Nuvema Town. He’s the main character in the game Pokemon Black and White for Nintendo DS along with fellow Pokemon trainer Hilda. Like other trainers, he too is on a quest to become the world’s most powerful Pokemon Master. Dressing up like a Pokemon trainer is always a great cosplay, and Hilbert’s distinctive look makes it even better.

Start this cosplay by putting on a Brown Cosplay Wig. After that, start with a simple Black T-Shirt and a pair of Black Tactical Pants. Over the shirt, wear the iconic Pokemon Hilbert Jacket. Next, buckle your pants with a Canvas Web Belt With Silver Buckle. For Hilbert’s footwear, wear the stylish Puma Sky II Red Sneakers. Now comes the fun part by accessorizing. Equip yourself with a typical Black Digital Sports Watch and a Blue Messenger Bag for your travels. Put on your Hilbert hat and then add your obligatory starter Pokemon, Mini Oshawott Plush!

Hilbert Cosplay Costumes

Pokemon Trainers dress both stylishly and futuristically, especially Hilbert. For that reason, you can get as creative as you want. You can change up your Pokemon often or even get more than one. If you’re resourceful, you can try getting a hold of a Pokedex or Pokeball.

What’s even better? No matter if you start your journey as a Pokemon trainers alone, you’re sure to find some companions along the way. So, gather your friends to create your very own Pokemon Trainer group. Ask your friends to dress up as their favorite Pokemon Trainers including Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, or even trainers from the video games such as Rosa or Hilda. If that feels limited, ask them to dress up as their favorite anime characters from shows like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Dragon Ball Z. If you’re stuck without an idea, feel free to explore Costume Wall for tons of fantastic cosplay ideas! We’d love to see photos of how you and your friends dress up!

Hilbert Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a Pokémon Trainer adventure with our costume guide FAQ for Hilbert, the enthusiastic and determined protagonist from the Pokémon Black and White series. Known for his casual yet iconic outfit, Hilbert’s look is a favorite among Pokémon fans, making it perfect for cosplay events, gaming conventions, or any gathering where you want to channel the spirit of a true Pokémon Trainer.

Hilbert's outfit is a blend of practicality and style, fitting for a Pokémon Trainer. Essential components include a black and white cap with a blue Poké Ball design, a black t-shirt with a blue stripe across the chest, and a pair of dark blue shorts. He also wears a red and black wristband on his left arm and a thin black necklace. Complete the look with mid-calf length black socks and red and gray sneakers.

Hilbert has short, spiky black hair. To achieve this look, style your hair (or a wig) with gel or styling products to create defined spikes. The hair should be casually styled yet energetic, reflecting Hilbert's adventurous nature.

Key accessories for Hilbert's costume include his black and white cap with the blue Poké Ball design, a crucial element of his character's design. A Pokédex and a few Poké Balls can also enhance the costume, adding to the authenticity of his Pokémon Trainer persona.

To add authenticity to your Hilbert costume, focus on the details like the blue stripe on the t-shirt and the specific design of his cap. Additionally, carrying a small backpack, similar to what a Pokémon Trainer might use to carry supplies, can add a practical element to the costume.

As a character in a video game, Hilbert does not have specific spoken lines. However, you can embody his character through actions and poses. Show determination and excitement for Pokémon battles, hold your Poké Balls as if ready to catch or release a Pokémon, and interact with others as a friendly and competitive Trainer. You can also use phrases like "I choose you!" or "Let's battle!" to engage with others in character.

About Hilbert

As a child, Hilbert was abandoned by his father. Instead of taking care of him, his father went off to become a Pokemon Master. Not much is known of Hilbert’s personality because he doesn’t speak very much. This is probably due to his father leaving him. Bianca and Cheren are his two best friends, who all started their incredible Pokemon journeys at the same time. During his travels as a Pokemon trainer, he becomes enemies with the evil Team Plasma. Hilbert also learns the horrific fact that his father became a Plasma team member.

Even more dangerous than Team Plasma is the mysterious person known as “N.” In the game Pokemon Black 2, and White 2, N is determined to create separate worlds for both Pokemon and humans. His hatred leads to Hilbert always fighting in horrific battles with N. Hilbert is a unique character having been through greater suffering than other Pokemon trainers. Hilbert is one of the best trainers to cosplay in the Pokemon franchise!


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