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Best Hela Halloween Costume Guide

Hela has been featured in numerous Marvel Comics and makes her first Marvel cinematic appearance in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. If you thought all the other enemies appearing in Thor were bad, wait until you see this Asgardian goddess of death. Hela, played by Cate Blanchett, is the cruelest of all villains. She actually enjoys killing and torturing her victims. Her costume makes it very apparent that she is an evil-doer, with horns and her dark cape. Get the look of the goddess of death with this Hela costume guide.

Cosplay Hela’s sinister style with a Hela Headdress, Long Curly Hair Wig, Hela Costume, Face Makeup, Eye Liner, Heel Ankle Boots, and a Hela Sword. Her costume says it all, “I am here to destroy my enemy and no one is going to stop me!”

Hela Cosplay Costumes

Who would want to dress like Thor when you can dress up as his most feared enemy, Hela? After being accidentally released from prison, Hela will unleash a fury from her headdress to ensure she doesn’t go back. Her costume from the movie Marvel Studio’s movie Thor: Ragnarok is a top costume for Halloween. Since Hela has a costume that is extremely unique, you want to make sure you all the right pieces to get a killer cosplay. We recommend buying her full costume, sword, and headdress online because they will be really difficult to find in stores.

Even though Hela obviously doesn’t have any friends, you can easily turn this look into a group cosplay by getting some of your friends to dress as Loki, Thor, and any of the other The Avengers characters! Send us a picture of your completed look to be posted in the Hela costume gallery!

About Hela

Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death, is one of the most deadly enemies of Thor. She is an extremely powerful villain to be concerned about, but she is the daughter of Loki. In the Marvel Studios movie Thor: Ragnarok, She was trapped in prison for thousands of years and was accidentally released. She is on a mission to destroy everyone who had a part with her imprisonment—Thor is the first on her list.

While her true identity is a shriveled body, the cape Hela wears keeps her at her full power and capable of fighting against Thor. Hela, portrayed by Cate Blanchett, enjoys torturing humans and anyone else she can get her hands on. She can drain the life out of anyone with a simple touch of her hand. She has supernatural powers such as levitation, time-travel, and astral projection. She is quite the match for Thor, but Hela hasn’t been capable of destroying him quite yet.


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