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Hector Escaton Costume Guide
Black Cowboy Hat
Hector Escaton Jacket
Black Leather Gloves
Pinstripe Pants
Rifle Scabbard
Brown Cowboy Boots
Buck Gun

Best Hector Escaton Costume Guide

Of all the characters from the HBO Westworld series, Hector Escaton is the biggest and baddest bandit of them all. As a Westworld host, Hector is also a permanent most wanted bandit in the park. Portrayed by Rodrigo Santoro, Hector Escaton is wanted dead or alive and is hunted down by guests. No matter how many times he’s killed, Hector keeps coming back! Get the look of the Westworld outlaw with this Hector Escaton costume guide.

Cosplay Hector Escaton, the bandit of Westworld, with a Hector Escaton Jacket, Pinstripe Pants, a Black Cowboy Hat, Brown Cowboy Boots, Black Leather Gloves, Rifle Scabbard, and Buck Gun. Make sure to bring along your quick wit and dark attitude just like Hector!

Hector Escaton Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to cosplay a bad guy! And Hector Escaton is the baddest guy of HBO’s Westworld, and we’ve tracked down all the pieces you need to recreate his must-have outlaw costume. Hector is a dark character, so his costume needs to match up with his character’s personality. You can dress up as Hector Escaton by checking online for a black cowboy hat, black leather gloves, and a gun. The rest of the items like Hector’s jacket, pinstripe pants, cowboy boots, and rifle scabbard are best found online for the best quality and closet match!

As Westworld’s outlaw, Hector Escaton doesn’t do all of his dirty deeds alone, so gather a few of your friends to dress as The Man in Black, Dolores Abernathy, Bernard Lowe, or Clean Up Technician. We know your costume is going to look amazing, so send us a picture of your Hector Escaton cosplay to be featured!

About Hector Escaton

Hector Escaton appears in the first episode of HBO’s Westworld series when Guests are sent out on a manhunt to find the outlaw. The storyline is for guests to always hunt down Hector, no matter how many times he is murdered in the park. He doesn’t need to be murdered firsthand because he’s a bandit that will be taken dead or alive. He is a host, meaning he has the ability to recharged and rebooted every he is killed.

Hector isn’t innocent though. His storyline includes tormenting the townspeople and robbing every person he crosses paths with. He enjoys torturing and killing others so much that he can be seen laughing over bodies that he has brutally murdered. This guy is definitely the evil one in Westword and has a dark agenda in mind, especially when he teams up with The Man in Black.

Hector Escaton

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