How to Dress Like TF2 Heavy

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TF2 Heavy Costume Guide
Undercover Travel Vest
Men's Classic Jersey T-Shirt
Fake Bread
Pump Action Shotgun
Tactical Waist Holster
Gatling Blaster
Spray Paint
Refill Bullet
Motorcycle Outdoor Gloves
Men's Tactical Pants
Tactical Waterproof Boot
Men's Tactical Belt

Best TF2 Heavy Costume Guide

If you were playing video games back in 2008, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Valve Corporation’s widely successful game Team Fortress 2. In fact, the game is still popular today! One of the most recognizable characters from the game is the powerfully built strongman from the USSR, The Heavy Weapons Guy, or just Heavy for short. Get the look of one of the most most dangerous characters in Team Fortress 2 with this Heavy from Team Fortress 2 costume guide.

Transform yourself into the big Russian TF2 character by wearing a Men’s Classic Jersey T-Shirt, Undercover Travel Vest, Men’s Tactical Pants, Tactical Waterproof Boots. Then take this cosplay to another level by getting Motorcycle Outdoor Gloves, Men’s Tactical Belt, Tactical Waist Holster, Pump Action Shotgun, Fake Bread, Gatling Blaster, Refill Bullet, and Spray Paint. You’re on your own for the muscles!

TF2 Heavy Cosplay Costumes

When people think of the popular video game, Team Fortress 2, the first image that comes to mind is the playable character, Heavy. Typically appear in promotional material, the Heavy Weapons Guy, is the face of TF2. Aside from the tactical clothing, Heavy has quite the arsenal of weapons. You’ll need a toy pump-action shotgun, gatling blaster, and plenty of bullets for each. Think you’re tough enough to play the man-mountain with the mini-gun?

What Heavy lacks in speed, he makes up for in muscle and style–a style in which you can strike fear into the hearts of onlookers at any event. If you’ve got a video game themed costume party or comic-con to attend, you can have so much fun with this character! You may need to brush up on your Russian accent though!

About TF2 Heavy

Heavy Weapons Guy, or “Heavy” for short, is a an enormous and strong character from Valve Corporation’s popular video game, Team Fortress 2. Hailing from the Dzhugdzhur Mountains in the USSR, he is unmistakably Russian with a noticeably thick accent. Heavy is one guy not to be messed with. Would you pick a fight with a guy who carries around a mini-gun like it’s a briefcase?

Heavy is known as a slow mover, which can leaves him open to an attack by snipers or spies, but nobody can beat his insane firepower—a fact that Heavy takes great delight in. Heavy is arguably the most recognizable character from the 2008 game, TF2, and is often featured on the game’s packaging.

TF2 Heavy

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