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Best Harry Dunne Costume Guide

The self-employed dog groomer and complete idiot, Harry Dunne, played by Jeff Daniels goes on the adventure of a lifetime with his best friend, Lloyd Christmas, to return a briefcase back to Mary Swanson. Look just like Harry in the classic blue tux from the Gala in Dumb and Dumber. Dress up with a Harry Dunne Wig, Harry Dunne Tuxedo Costume, Blue Color Cane, Baby Blue Tuxedo Shoes, and Black Focus III Attache. “Samsonite, I was way off!”

Harry Dunne Cosplay Costumes

A classic comedy, Dumb and Dumber was a movie that everyone loved to watched when it aired in the 90’s. Many loved to watch the comedic duo as they traveled the country in order to return the briefcase and one of the members from the duo was none other than Harry Dunne. While you may be going as Harry, you can easily make this a duo costume by having a friend go as Lloyd and if you do, we’d love to see photos of what you come up with!

Harry has good intentions but he doesn’t usually go about them in the correct way which causes others to classify him as an idiot. If you wish to get the look of Harry’s classic blue tux, keep reading the buying guide for information on how to replicate it. To get a costume similar to Harry’s outfit, you’ll need a wig similar to Harry Dunne’s hair, Harry Dunne tuxedo costume, a blue cane, a briefcase similar to the one he had and baby blue tuxedo shoes to finish the look.

Harry Dunne Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the hilariously misguided world of Harry Dunne with our costume guide FAQ, inspired by his character in the iconic comedy “Dumb and Dumber.” Perfect for fans looking to capture Harry’s unique blend of naivety and good intentions, this guide will help you recreate his famously outlandish tuxedo look, complete with all the quirks and eccentricities of his character.

Harry Dunne's tuxedo outfit from "Dumb and Dumber" is famously vibrant and unconventional. The key component is his baby blue tuxedo, which includes a powder blue jacket with ruffled lapels, matching dress pants, a ruffled shirt, and a baby blue top hat. The outfit also features a matching powder blue bow tie and cummerbund. To complete the look, add white dress shoes, which are as unconventional as the rest of the outfit.

Harry's hairstyle is a messy, unkempt bowl cut, typical of the 1990s. If your hair isn’t already similar, consider using a wig styled to mimic this look. Harry also sports a chipped front tooth, which is a significant character detail. You can replicate this temporarily using safe, non-toxic black wax to cover part of one of your front teeth.

White dress shoes are an essential part of Harry's outfit. For accessories, the most significant is the baby blue top hat that matches the tuxedo. Additionally, you might carry a cane to complete the comedic formal look.

To fully embody Harry Dunne's character, focus on his goofy and oblivious demeanor. His mannerisms are often over-the-top, so don’t be afraid to be expressive and a bit clumsy. Harry’s character is endearing due to his lack of self-awareness and general silliness.

To enhance your portrayal, consider using some of Harry Dunne's memorable quotes: "You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!," "According to the map, we’ve only gone four inches.," "I hate goodbyes!," "Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!" and "Our pets' heads are falling off!." These quotes capture Harry's naivety, his comedic misunderstandings, and his dynamic with his best friend, Lloyd.

About Harry Dunne

Harry was born in 1969 and it was pretty apparent from the get-go to his mother that he wasn’t the brightest of children so she decided to homeschool him to spare him from any bullying until he was a teenager. In his teenage years, she allowed Harry to go to a public high school which is where he would end up meeting his best friend and main protagonist, Lloyd Christmas. Harry eventually became a dog breeder before moving to self-employed dog breeding which is when the adventure between him and Lloyd would happen. They were told to deliver a briefcase to Mary Swanson in Aspen unaware that it is actually ransom money.

Along the way to Aspen though, they encounter quite a few obstacles and it turns out not to be the smooth ride they were expecting. From picking up hitchhikers to getting targeted by truckers, it’s than before they can even end up at their destination.

Harry Dunne

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