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Best Harold Berman Costume Guide

Harold Berman is a fictional character on the Nickelodeon animated children’s series Hey Arnold! On the show and in the subsequent movie, he is voiced by Justin Shenkarow. Harold is portrayed as a bully, but like most bullies, he will pretend to be friends with everybody if there is something in it for him. Also common among bullies is the trait of running away crying when something bad actually happens, and Harold undoubtedly possesses this personality trait.

Harold is of Jewish descent, and he is also older than the other fourth graders because he was held back several times. He is also known to boast about his physical size, although deep down he is ashamed of being overweight. If you want to get the look of Hey Arnold!’s tough guy Harold Berman, you’ll need a Baseball Cap, Teeth Dentures, Fake Unibrow, White T-Shirt, Baseball Jersey, Athletic Shorts, Running Socks and a pair of Skate Shoes.

Harold Berman Cosplay Costumes

Harold Berman is shown mostly as a bully in the show, and is recognizable by his trademark backward baseball cap, stomach showing under his t-shirt which is too small, and his single prominent tooth. His unibrow also makes him appear to be angry most of the time. Like most bullies though, he has a softer side, so you don’t have to be a bully to dress like Harold. You just have to love the awesome TV show Hey Arnold!

The show was huge in the 90’s and early 00’s, so Harold Berman is going to be recognizable to a lot of people. There’s a bunch of cool characters on the show too, such as Arnold himself, and friends Gerald and Helga, so if you don’t want your friends to be left out of the costume fun, why not get them into the Hey Arnold spirit with you.

Harold Berman Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the world of “Hey Arnold!” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Harold Berman. Get ready to embody the memorable and loveable character from this classic animated series as we answer your most frequently asked questions about achieving his iconic look.

Harold Berman's outfit is recognizable and simple, reflecting his character in "Hey Arnold!" The essential components include a white short-sleeved shirt, blue pants, and red sneakers. Harold is often depicted wearing a small, rounded blue cap, which is a key part of his character's appearance. His outfit captures the typical attire of a young boy in the animated series, emphasizing simplicity and comfort.

Harold Berman has a distinctive look that includes a round face and a small tuft of hair on the top of his head. If you're aiming for accuracy, consider using makeup to create freckles across the cheeks and nose. Additionally, you may want to use a bald cap with a small amount of hair at the top or a similar wig to replicate his unique hairstyle.

While Harold's costume is quite straightforward, you can enhance it with a few key accessories. A key element is his blue cap, which is a staple of his character. Additionally, you can carry a prop that resembles a comic book or a piece of candy, as Harold is known for his love of comics and sweets in the show.

To accurately portray Harold Berman, adopt a slightly mischievous yet good-hearted demeanor. He often shows a range of emotions, from being boastful and confident to sensitive and caring. Emphasizing his expressive facial expressions, especially his wide smile and occasional pout, will enhance your portrayal.

Incorporating quotes from Harold Berman can add authenticity to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "I'm not small, I'm big-boned!," "Hey, Arnold! Wait up!," "I'm gonna be a butcher when I grow up!," "But I don't wanna do ballet!" and "I'm not chicken, you're a turkey!" These quotes reflect Harold's often comedic and boisterous personality, making your costume portrayal more engaging and true to the character.

About Harold Berman

Harold Berman appears on the animated children’s series Hey Arnold! which ran from 1996 – 2004 on Nickelodeon and was a massive hit among people of all ages. He is voiced by Justin Shenkarow on the show and in the 2002 feature film Hey Arnold!: The Movie. Harold is shown as an overweight, rough looking bully with a prominent unibrow that makes him look like he is always scowling. He can be two-faced though, one minute being friends with Arnold and the gang, but then quickly returning to bullying them.

Harold isn’t the most intelligent character on the show, and he has been held back in school numerous times and finds himself still in fourth grade at the age of 13. This does help with his bullying exploits though, as he possesses a much larger physique than the other children even though deep-down he is somewhat ashamed of his weight.

Harold Berman

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