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Black Hoodie
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Happy Mask
Black Gloves
Bloody Knife Prop
Work Boots

Best Happy Death Day Killer Costume Guide

The Happy Death Day Killer is a fictional character in the 2017 slasher film Happy Death Day. Mystery surrounds who the killer really is; however, their target remains the same – Tree Gelbman, a college student who keeps reliving her birthday over and over, always dying at the hands of a deranged killer in a child-like mask whose identity remains hidden. The killer’s mask is quite disturbing in how friendly it appears, considering the murderous intentions underneath.

The film is a cross between ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Scream,’ with much of the focus being Tree attempting to uncover the identity of the person who is repeatedly killing her. If you want to cosplay the baby-faced maniac from Happy Death Day, you’ll need a Happy Mask, Black Hoodie, Black Jeans, Black Gloves, Work Boots, and of course, no good killer leaves the house without a Bloody Knife and Pistol toy prop.

Happy Death Day Killer Cosplay Costumes

Many killers in modern slasher films end up looking a bit cheesy and not scary at all. That’s not the case here. The Happy Death Day killer is seriously creepy looking – disarming because of the cherub-like face and smile. Confusion reigns throughout the film as to the identity of this killer, but just like any good cosplayer knows – it’s what’s on the outside that counts!

Cinema has brought us so many fantastic villains, and they are especially celebrated in the horror genre. If you want some friends to join you in dressing as classic movie psychopaths, check out some of our older characters like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger or Jason Vorhees. Or move forward a few years and cosplay as Ghostface from Scream, the film that heavily influenced Happy Death Day. Dressing as a horror movie character is perfect for Halloween, so if you try out this costume, don’t forget to enter our Halloween Costume Contest.

Happy Death Day Killer Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the chilling world of “Happy Death Day” by embodying the film’s menacing antagonist, the Babyface Killer. Known for his eerie baby mask and black hooded robe, this character brings a unique blend of horror and mystery to the slasher genre. This FAQ section is dedicated to helping fans recreate the Babyface Killer’s iconic look, perfect for Halloween, horror-themed events, or any occasion that calls for a spine-tingling costume. Dive into the details of how to capture the essence of “Happy Death Day’s” unforgettable villain.

The Babyface Killer's costume is distinguished by its simplicity and iconic mask. Essential elements include a black hooded robe or cloak that conceals the body, and most importantly, the signature baby mask with exaggerated features such as wide eyes and a creepy smile. The outfit's simplicity allows the mask to stand as the focal point, creating an instantly recognizable and unsettling appearance.

To replicate the Babyface Killer's mask, you may search for a pre-made mask at costume shops or online retailers that specialize in movie memorabilia. If you're feeling crafty, creating a mask using papier-mâché or purchasing a plain white mask and modifying it with paint and markers to resemble the baby face can be a fun DIY project. The key is to capture the mask's exaggerated, innocent yet sinister facial features.

For an authentic Babyface Killer costume, the robe or cloak should be long enough to reach the ground, obscuring your shoes and adding to the character's mysterious aura. The hood should be large enough to cast a shadow over the mask, enhancing the menacing effect. Choosing a robe with a matte finish rather than a shiny one will also lend a more realistic and sinister look to the costume.

While the Babyface Killer's primary accessory is the mask itself, carrying a prop knife or similar weapon can add to the authenticity of the costume. Ensure any prop weapons are clearly fake and abide by the safety regulations of the event you're attending. The inclusion of a fake weapon should be considered with sensitivity to the audience and setting.

The Babyface Killer is known for his silent, stalking movements and sudden, swift attacks. Emulating a slow, deliberate walk and then quickly changing pace can mimic the killer's on-screen behavior. Pausing occasionally to tilt your head, as if curiously observing your surroundings, can also add an eerie touch to your portrayal. Remember, the goal is to create an atmosphere of suspense and fear, true to the character's presence in "Happy Death Day."

About Happy Death Day Killer

Happy Death Day tells the story of Theresa ‘Tree’ Gelbman, a college student who wakes up in the dorm room of classmate Carter Davis after a night of heavy drinking. It is her birthday, and little does she know as she does the walk of shame through her campus, it will also be her death day. Later that night she is killed by a masked killer, only to wake up in Carter’s room again the next day.

This ‘Groundhog Day’ situation continues as she wakes up, relives the same day over and always dies in different circumstances – but always at the hand of a creepy character in a baby-faced mask. When she thinks she has finally worked out who the killer is, and has killed him and put the incident behind her, she still wakes in Carter’s room to find the nightmare isn’t over. She returns to her sorority house where it becomes apparent who the real killer was along.

Happy Death Day Killer

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