How to Dress Like Hansel McDonald

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Hansel McDonald Costume Guide
Fringed Suede Leather Jacket
Blonde Wig
Aqua Blue Surfer Necklace
Stainless Steel Band
Silver Slim Fit Pants
Purple Paisley Button Down Shirt
Calvin Klein Black Boot
Tribal Temporary Tattoos

Best Hansel McDonald Costume Guide

Hansel McDonald is a highly successful male model from the hilarious Zoolander movies. His confidence and unique personality led him to win numerous awards as a male model and to become a rival of Derek Zoolander himself. Portrayed by Owen Wilson, Hansel McDonald eventually teamed up with Zoolander to expose the evil Jacobim Mugatu. Get the look of the fictional fashion model with this Hansel McDonald costume guide.

To cosplay Hansel McDonald, you’ll need a PurplePaisley Button Down Shirt along with Silver Slim Fit Pants. Over the shirt, put on a Fringed Suede Leather Jacket with a pair of stylish Calvin Klein Black Boots. And now comes the fun part! Wearing a couple of Tribal Temporary Tattooes to add a bit of sass. Finally, add an Aqua Blue Surfer Necklace and Stainless Steel Band. Now, you can start down the runway!

Hansel McDonald Cosplay Costumes

To pull off Hansel McDonald’s eccentric look from the 2001 comedy Zoolander movie, you’ll need quite a bit of confidence. The character of Hansel, portrayed by Owen Wilson, isn’t a shy individual. If you really want to pull off the look, you’ll need to be eccentric or at least be able to fake it. McDonald wears a signature fringed suede leather jacket and an aqua surfer necklace which you can easily find both online. The purple paisley button down and specific tribal tattoos he wears may be a bit more difficult to pin down but once you do, you’ll have an amazing look!

Don’t cosplay Hansel McDonald alone! Grab a friend to dress up as Derek Zoolander or Jacobim Mugatu from the movie Zoolander. We’d love to see the costume you come up with by following this cosplay guide. Send over a few photos of your creation to be posted in the Hansel McDonald cosplay guide.

About Hansel McDonald

Hansel McDonald has always been destined for the spotlight so it should come as no surprise that he would become a rising star in the fashion industry. His rival has always been Derek Zoolander, but Derek injuries force him to an early retirement. Hansel rises to the occasion to take his spot. During the first Zoolander movie, Derek becomes brainwashed nearly causing a huge array of accidents.

After Derek regains control of his mind and connects with Hansel McDonald as friends, the two have a wild night together. Both set out to expose Mugatu’s crimes. Afterwards, they decide to retire and open the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too. But when this eventually failed, Hansel McDonald set out to live his days in Malibu, California.

Hansel McDonald

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