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Best Hamburglar Costume Guide

Hamburglar is one of the key characters and mascots of McDonaldland. If you grew up between the 1970s to the 1990s, you might not remember McDonald’s as simply a fast-food chain but as a place that served food with toys (aptly called Happy Meals) and a food joint that came with a playground and some mascots that many would say was equally amusing and creepy. These mascots were based on the characters McDonaldland created to represent the chain and Hamburglar was one of them, along with Ronald McDonald himself, Grimace, and Birdie. Of these characters, Hamburglar, as his portmanteau name suggests, is obsessed with McDonald’s burgers and goes around trying to steal them. Get the look of the unruly hamburger thief with this Hamburglar costume guide.

Steal Hamburglar’s thieving look by wearing a specific Hamburglar costume, white and red sneakers, red gloves, an orange wig, and carrying around a toy hamburger.

Hamburglar Cosplay Costumes

Hamburglar is the true rascal of McDonaldland. Despite his attempts to steal as many burgers as he can, he is still widely accepted and loved as one of the key characters of the franchise. His look and character have gone through many transformations, from the downright horrific (a creepy old man character) to the comedic (a Captain Crook character based off of Peter Pan’s Captain Hook). But most will only know and remember the childish-looking man in black and white stripes. Anyone who dresses as Hamburglar will surely be recognized. Who else pairs a full jumpsuit of black and white stripes with a red necktie printed with hamburgers? To make the look more recognizable, put on an orange wig, white and red sneakers, and a pair of red gloves.

Take the whole Mcdonaldland gang with you! Let your friends cosplay as Ronald McDonald, Grimace, or Birdie!

Hamburglar Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and nostalgic world of McDonaldland with our costume guide FAQ for the Hamburglar, one of the classic characters from McDonald’s advertising. Known for his mischievous antics and distinctive burglar-themed outfit, the Hamburglar’s costume is a playful and recognizable choice for various themed events, parties, or promotions.

The Hamburglar's iconic costume includes a black-and-white horizontally striped shirt and pants, capturing the classic burglar motif. He wears a red tie, a wide-brimmed black hat, and a black cape or cloak with yellow inside. His look is completed with black gloves and black shoes. A key feature of his appearance is the eye mask, emphasizing his character as a playful thief.

To make the Hamburglar's mask, use black fabric or felt and cut out a simple eye mask shape with holes for the eyes. Secure it around your head with elastic or string. For the hat, look for a wide-brimmed black hat similar to a classic burglar or bandit style, or modify a simple black hat with additional brim material.

The black and white stripes of his shirt and pants are essential. These should be bold and evenly spaced. The red tie can be a simple, bright red fabric tie, and the black cape or cloak should have a yellow lining for a touch of color. Ensure the cape is long enough to flow behind you, adding to the dramatic effect.

In addition to the basic outfit, consider carrying a prop hamburger or a small bag with a dollar sign on it, as if you've just "stolen" some burgers. This playful nod to his character's antics adds a fun and recognizable element to the costume.

To embody the Hamburglar, adopt a sneaky and playful demeanor. He's known for his light-footed tiptoeing and mischievous giggles. Use exaggerated sneaky movements and pretend to stealthily snatch burgers. His character is all about fun and playfulness, so keep your portrayal light-hearted and entertaining. Remember, the Hamburglar is a beloved character known for his whimsy and charm, so enjoy bringing a bit of McDonaldland magic to life.

About Hamburglar

While many assume that Hamburglar’s look is related to his character’s possible background in prison, him being a hamburger thief and all, a look into earlier McDonald’s commercials actually suggest that this is not the case. According to the age-old McDonald’s commercial released in the United States, Hamburglar used to dress in all-black. This was until he tried to steal some of Ronald McDonald’s hamburgers. The McDonaldland’s head boss grabbed him and held onto a piece of his all-black clothing. In his trying to run away from that and the boss holding him tight, he was spun round and round instead – tearing his black clothing in strips and revealing white clothing underneath. Thus, the black and white stripes. Other old commercials also suggest that these black stripes actually have superpowers. One released in Japan, particularly, shows Hamburglar’s character pulling his black stripes off to make a lasso that can snag some burgers off of Mcdonaldland.


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