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Best Hades Costume Guide

Head down to see the world down under and meet the God of the Underworld, Hades, the main antagonist of Disney’s 1997 animated film, Hercules. He is the quick-talking divine force of the Underworld with a searing temper and a feud against his older brother, Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus. Hades brings forth a plan to assume control over Mount Olympus and the Universe, but a prophecy by the Fates predicts that a hero, in the name of Hercules, will ascend against him and end his rule.

Get the look of the ultimate Lord of the Dead with this Hades costume guide. Dress like Hades and add some spook to the party clad in Hades costume. Complete your attire with your body covered in blue body paint, a blue hair wig that looked electrocuted, sharp teeth, and finish off with black leather sandals.

Hades Cosplay Costumes

Hades may be quite cynical and sarcastic but there is plenty of charm for this god who hangs around the dead all day.

Don’t be singled out and be the villain who overthrows the other gods at the party. Fire yourself up for Halloween with this flaming Hades costume. As the god of the dead, he prefers dark-colored outfits that display his dominance. Wear a loose dark grey tunic under a black toga, a skull brooch for that deathly detail, and your Greek-inspired black leather sandals. A fiery blue wig and blue painted skin will top off the look and will instantly give you the iconic Hades look. Pair up with your friends to go as the rest of the Immortal cast like Megara, Zeus, and Hercules for an iconic group costume and make this [Halloween] costume the most epic ever.

Hades Costume Tips & FAQs

Plunge into the mythical world of ancient Greece with our costume guide FAQ for Hades, the flamboyant and cunning god of the underworld from Disney’s 1997 animated movie “Hercules.” Known for his striking blue flames and charismatic personality, Hades’ outfit is as memorable as his character. This guide is designed to help you capture his iconic look, ideal for fans and cosplayers who love a touch of villainous flair.

Hades' costume is predominantly a dark, flowing robe that shifts between shades of grey and blue. It's sleeveless and has a ragged, asymmetrical hem. The robe should appear ethereal and slightly ominous, capturing Hades' underworldly essence.

Hades' most distinctive feature is his bright blue flaming hair. This can be replicated using a blue wig styled upwards and outward to mimic flames. For added effect, use glow-in-the-dark or UV-reactive hair paint to give it a glowing appearance under the right lighting.

Hades has a pale, almost ghostly complexion with sharp, angular features. Use light grey or pale blue face paint to achieve his skin tone. Emphasize the cheekbones and chin to replicate his angular face. Practice his sardonic smile and expressive eyebrows to capture his mischievous personality.

While Hades' costume is relatively simple, you can add accessories like dark wrist cuffs or bands and a replica of his bident (a two-pronged staff). These elements will enhance the authenticity of your costume.

Hades is known for his witty and sarcastic remarks. Some iconic quotes include: "I'm cool. I'm fine.," "We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. What do you say? Come on." and "It's a small underworld, after all, huh?." These lines perfectly capture Hades' charismatic yet villainous nature, adding depth to your portrayal.

About Hades

Hades is known as an antagonist who is merciless, manipulative, and fast to outrage. He is generally cynical and satirical probably because he is often shunned by his siblings and is the only Olympian who does not live in Olympus. Typically avoided by his kin because he lives in the Underworld, Hades is bitter and plans to overthrow the other gods and Zeus. He allies himself with beasts and creatures that brought chaos through Greece. In secrecy, Hades hatches a scheme to take over Mount Olympus and the cosmos.

While the Hades of Greek mythology was not especially malevolent, Disney depicts him as an insidious character, though a bit comedic. This interpretation of the character became fruitful making him one of the most memorable Disney villains, and an essential character in the franchise. Hades’ voice actor was James Woods who has been doing so for the entire Disney Hercules animated film since 1997.


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