How to Dress Like Guzma

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Guzma Costume Guide
Short Sleeve Hoodie
Jogger Pants
Team Skull Pendant Necklace
Crew Neck T-Shirt
White Sneaker
Beads Bracelet
Gold Watch
Cosplay Wig
Guzma Glasses

Best Guzma Costume Guide

Guzma is one of the main characters appearing in the Nintendo video game Pokemon Sun and Moon. His skill level inspires respect and notoriety as Guzma is the only character in the game to have the Team Skull Boss Trainer class. Guzma has a unique style that is intimidating and is characterized by the distinct black and white color scheme. He also has a purple tattoo of Team Skull on his left arm. Get the look of the Team Skull leader specializing in Bug-type Pokémon with this Gumza costume guide.

To cosplay Guzma, you will need to wear a Cosplay Wig, a White T-shirt, Team Skull Pendant Necklace, Short Sleeve Hoodie, Jogger Pants, and a pair of Fashion Sneakers. Essential accessories for this outfit are a Fashion Watch, a Beads Bracelet, and an iconic Pokeball.

Guzma Cosplay Costumes

It’s hard to miss Guzma just by the way he dresses. His intimidating style makes him one of the most distinct looking Pokemon trainers on Alola which makes him a great option for cosplay. His baggy tracksuit with its unique modifications might be somewhat difficult to recreate. However, a standard black and white tracksuit should be a close enough match. Otherwise, your cosplay of Gumza from Pokemon Sun and Moon will need some essential accessories including his large Team Skull necklace, bracelets, watch, and a white spiky wig.

A great group cosplay idea is to gather all your friends together and dress up like all the members of Team Skull. However, you could also have you buddies dress up like other well-known Pokemon trainers like Ash Ketchum, Brock, Misty, Gary Oak, and N. Show how good your Guzma costume looks up against your fellow Pokemon trainers.

About Guzma

Guzma, who is also known as The Hated Boss, wanted to be a Trial Captain at one time. He was regularly mocked by his father for his ambitious aspirations as well as consistently finishing in second or third place. Guzma tried for many years to become the Trial Captain but always failed. Eventually, he formed Team Skull with other kids who failed the trials as well. Guzma mocks Professor Kukui for creating the Alolan version of the Pokemon League, yet still is defeated. He instead focuses his energy on wrecking havoc on Alola.

Once becoming the champion in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the player character is able to find Guzma at his father’s house and challenges the player character for one final time. Once defeated, Guzma gives the player a dawn stone and states that it’s his lucky charm. A token that he’s carried for a long time.


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