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t is a character in the popular Nintendo video game series, Animal Crossing. Johnny, as he is also called, is a seagull and his function is to reward the player with special artifacts from around the world. Gulliver will give the reward if you answer his question. In Animal Forest, which is the first installment of the Animal Crossing series, Gulliver also gives rewards, but these are mostly random items. The game is all Japanese, but Gulliver can sometimes speak in English if a player attempts to talk to him. Gulliver can be found on the beach from August to December.

Dressing up like an animated seagull with this Gulliver costume guide. Get the look of the sly seagull by dressing in a Blue Sailor Shirt, White Pants, Yellow Knee High Socks, and Ducky Shoes. Complete the look with White and Black Face Paint and Bird Beak Mask.

Gulliver Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay a cartoon seagull dressed up like a sailor. This one of a kind combo is none other than Gulliver from the popular Nintendo video game series, Animal Crossing. Dressing up in a stereotypical blue sailor outfit with the traditional flap collar. But, you’ll need to add some white face paint as a base before adding the right bird accessories. To get Gulliver’s bird-like traits, you’ll need a yellow beak, yellow socks, and yellow feet. Perfect for the beach, but even better for a [Halloween] costume party.

Cosplay with classic Nintendo characters like Mario, Link, Princess Peach, Toad, or Mega Man. Regardless which video game persona accompanies you, the Gulliver getup is sure to be a hit at any costume convention.




Gulliver Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a nautical adventure with our Gulliver costume guide FAQ from the beloved “Animal Crossing” series. Famous for his maritime mishaps and charming personality, Gulliver’s outfit is perfect for fans looking to capture the essence of this wayward sailor. We’re here to navigate you through the key elements of assembling a Gulliver-inspired costume.

Gulliver's outfit is iconic in its simplicity and nautical theme. The essentials include a white sailor shirt with a blue sailor collar and a red neckerchief. Pair these with white pants or shorts to match the shirt. His look is unmistakable with these classic sailor elements.

To mimic Gulliver's seagull features, consider using white and grey face paint to create a seagull-like look. A beak can be fashioned from orange or yellow felt and attached to a headband or directly to the face. Don't forget to add some feathers or a seagull hat to complete the avian aspect of the costume.

Gulliver's accessories should emphasize his sailor and seafaring theme. Carrying a toy telescope or a ship's wheel can add a fun touch. Additionally, you might include a faux message in a bottle or a map to represent his role in delivering messages from across the seas in the game.

For footwear, white or black boat shoes or simple slip-on canvas shoes would be most in keeping with Gulliver's nautical theme. The key is to keep the footwear simple and in line with the sailor aesthetic.

Adding some of Gulliver's quirky phrases or actions can really bring your costume to life. He often talks about his travels and mishaps at sea. Some ideas include: Pretending to look through a telescope and talking about distant lands, Recounting tales of nautical adventures and misadventures, Mimicking the act of washing ashore, similar to how he appears in the game. Using phrases like, "Ahoy! I'm Gulliver, a seafaring seagull of the seven seas!." These actions and phrases can help you embody Gulliver's adventurous and slightly clumsy character.

About Gulliver

Gulliver looks like a sailor in the series and at times can be found lying on the beach, as if he just washed up on shore. To interact with him, he must be woken up first. The player should talk to him multiple times, but sometimes he may wake up on the very first try. Next, Gulliver will tell the player a story about his adventures at sea, which usually involves torrential storms, sharks, or even a giant squid. Afterwards, he gives a reward to the player.

His name could have come from the word “gull,” as he is a seagull. It could also be from the word “gullible” (his role in the movie Dōbutsu no Mori) or from the character Lemuel Gulliver of Gulliver’s Travels. Johnny is his Japanese name, which is short for Jonathan, which refers to the character Jonathan Swift of Gulliver’s Travels.


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