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Guile Costume Guide
Mens Tank Top
Mens Poser Wig
American Flag Temporary Body Art Tattoo
Camo Cargo Pant
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Men's Military-Style Belt
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Best Guile Costume Guide

Guile, a major in the United States Air Force, is also a character from Capcom’s Street Fighter games who portrays a man that is strong, not just physically, but mentally as well. Guile is searching for the villainous M. Bison to seek revenge for killing his military friend Charlie. Guile will not give up until he accomplishes his goal of avenging Charlie.

Dress like one of the original eight characters from Street Fighter II with an Army Green Tank Top, Men’s Poser Wig to get Guile’s most dramatic piece of his appearance, an American Flag Temporary Tattoo, Camo Cargo Pants, Military Dog Tags, a Men’s Military-Style Belt, and Black Jungle Boots. This Street Fighter is prepared become a champion fighter in the World Warrior tournament!

Guile Cosplay Costumes

So, you want to dress like the macho All-American Street Fighter Guile? You can put together a cosplay costume for Guile without too much effort, and there’s no need to spend a ton of money when you can find these pieces at an affordable price. To recreate Guile’s military style, you can start with fake dog tags, an army green tank top to show off your muscles, and camouflage cargo pants with a pair of combat boots.

Guile is a hardcore United States Air Force guy, which he likes to make known with his American Flag tattoo. You can find a cheap, stick-on on tattoo almost anywhere. The most important part of recreating Guile’s look is his hair; you can either hairspray your hair to stand straight up if it’s long enough or you can find a wig that is already similar to Guile’s look. Just throw in some solid kicks and punches to show you’re a true Street Fighter! Make sure to send us some pictures once you have your costume complete. Check out the other recreations in the Guile cosplay photo gallery.

About Guile

Guile is the All-American video game character from the popular video game Street Fighter. Guile is a member of the United States Armed Forces and looks like he just walked off of the battlefield. His strong chiseled jaw, tall blonde hair, and enormous muscles give him the appearance that he’s prepared to take part in any fight.

Guile is a loving father and husband, but when it comes to accomplishing a goal, he can only focus on the goal that’s in front of him. Guile’s best friend Charlie went missing during the war, and Guile is determined to find the truth behind what really happened to him. When he discovers that Charlie was murdered, Guile is blinded by rage and aims to seek revenge on his friend’s killer, M. Bison. Guile is considered a favorite among many of the Street Fighter games and is aimed to intrigue gamers with his unique hairstyle and determination to avenge his friend.


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