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Best Grigori Costume Guide

Grigori is a Russian hitman played by actor Andrey Ivchenko in the third season of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. The Russians, led by scientist Dr. Alexei, are working on some top-secret stuff under Hawkins, Indiana and they don’t want anyone to know about it.  Grigori works with the USSR and doesn’t take too kindly to those that disrespect them. If you get in his way, expect him to be at your door within the hour.

Grigori is known for being stone cold. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion but is very intimidating. Grigori is skilled in several forms of combat as well as with a gun. Orders given to him from the top are of the highest priority, and he will do everything in his power to complete them. To get Grigori’s aggressive look, you will need to get a Men’s Button Down, Crewneck T-Shirts, Dickies Work Pants, Dress Belt, Motorcycle Boots, Fingerless Gloves, and some Fake Blood.

Grigori Cosplay Costumes

Grigori has spent time in the army, which means he’s used to things being orderly. He’s not exactly the kind of person who spends his mornings picking out the perfect shirt to match his pants, now is he? He needs no-fuss outfits that don’t require a lot of thought. Being a hitman means Grigori needs to be able to blend in as well. If he’s on duty at a USSR base, he can be seen wearing the Russian uniform. When he’s on the job, he has to wear something a bit more inconspicuous. 

Grigori is an excellent character to cosplay if you want an outfit that’s easy to put together. You don’t want to be caught out of place because that would slow down your mission! Make sure your clothes are as “normal” as possible. As long as your outfit is comfy enough to fight in, you should be ready for action to fit in among the folks in Hawkins, Indiana.

Grigori Costume Tips & FAQs

Get even more details with this Grigori Costume Guide FAQ! This section reveals all the important information for dressing up as the fearsome Russian hitman Grigori from Stranger Things Season 3.

To dress like Grigori, you'll need a long-sleeved, collared shirt in a dark color, such as black or navy blue. Pair this with a pair of black or dark-colored slacks, and a black leather belt. Complete the look with a pair of black leather gloves and black leather dress shoes or boots.

Grigori has a stern and menacing appearance, with a beard and short, slicked-back hair. If you already have a beard, trim and shape it to match Grigori's style. If not, you can use makeup to create the appearance of a beard with dark brown or black eyeshadow or a makeup pencil. To recreate his hairstyle, slick your hair back with hair gel or use a short, slicked-back wig.

Grigori is a ruthless and relentless character, known for his pursuit of the main characters, especially Hopper and Joyce. Memorable moments include his numerous fights with Hopper and his ultimate defeat in the final episode of Season 3. Grigori is not a character with many memorable quotes due to his limited dialogue; however, his actions and demeanor speak volumes about his character.

To complete your Grigori costume, consider carrying a prop weapon, such as a fake pistol or a fake silencer, to reference his role as a hitman. You can also wear a black or dark-colored trench coat to give your costume a more menacing and mysterious appearance. Be cautious with prop weapons, and always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding their use in public spaces.

For a group costume, you can team up with friends dressed as other "Stranger Things" characters, such as Hopper, Joyce, Eleven, or any of the other main characters from the series. You could also create a Russian theme with friends dressed as Russian soldiers or scientists working at the secret underground base in Hawkins.

About Grigori

Grigori, played by actor Andrey Ivchenko, is part of the Russian task force in season 3 of Netflix’s Stranger Things series. He works as a highly trained assassin for the Russian army who have infiltrated Hawkins, Indiana. They plan to reopen the gate the team closed in the second season, and have full control over its power. Little do they know, that the people of Hawkins don’t take lightly to foreign armies swarming their neighborhoods.

There’s a reason Grigori has one of the highest security clearances. He is incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat and is very quick on his feet. Grigori sure has a lot of work on his hands when Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers show up and take one of the most prominent Russian scientists, Dr. Alexei. Grigori also learns that the kids have gotten into his base from the Starcourt Mall! He has to use all his gained knowledge and experience if he has a chance to stop these Hawkins folk. 


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