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Greg Universe Costume Guide
Short Tramp Bald Wig - Brown
Brown Goatee
White Basic Tank Top
Spray on Tan
Denim Cut Off Short
Blue Flip Flop

Best Greg Universe Costume Guide

Greg Universe is the father figure in the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. He first made an appearance on our television screens in 2013 and has been a hit ever since! On the show, he is the father of Steven Quartz Universe and the romantic partner of the now absent Rose Quartz. Greg is that guy we can all relate to most because he is human in so many ways. Along with his human appearance, Greg has qualities such as kindness, generosity, and is a bit scatter-brained like the best of us!

Unlike many of the characters in Steven Universe, Greg has a somewhat plainer look. He has a balding head and a goatee, he wears a White Basic Tank Top, Denim Cut Off Shorts, and he’s never seen without his Blue Flip Flops and farmer’s tan. You can’t miss him on the show!

Greg Universe Cosplay Costumes

When you’re thinking of dressing as a character from Steven Universe for cosplay, Greg Universe probably isn’t the first character that comes to mind—but he should be! This character has so much more depth than just his appearance. But, for the sake of cosplay costumes, we’re going to focus on his looks for now!

To get the look of Greg Universe, you will want to start with a wig that’s balding on top but is longer on the sides and back! Throw on a scruffy goatee while you’re at it. Greg generally sticks to a basic white tank top along with blue jean cut offs and a pair of blue flip flops. Now, all you need is a little spray on tan to create Greg’s farmer’s tan that he sports in the show. This costume can easily be recreated with clothes from your closet! Grab a glance at everyone else who dressed as Greg for cosplay in the photo gallery. Send us your recreation of Greg Universe when it’s all done and ready to go!

About Greg Universe

Greg Universe is the father of the half-Gem Steven Universe. He’s known for being a bit of a mess and faking illness or injury to hang out with his son, which sounds like every other human being we’ve ever met! Along with some of his minor faults, Greg is known for being honest and loving the people around him. Greg is the owner of It’s A Wash, a car wash in Beach City, and lives a very simple life. Much like many parents, Greg is always worried about Steven and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. He will often give the best advice he knows for every situation, which is not always a good thing.

Greg is aware of the universe that Steven lives in and was even involved with Rose who is a Gem herself. Rose gave birth to Steven and Greg has spent all of Steven’s life supporting him and doing his best to raise a good child. Even though he dropped out of college, Greg works hard and would do whatever he needs to do to save someone’s day.

Greg Universe

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