How to Dress Like Green Arrow

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Best Green Arrow Costume Guide

Get the costume of DC Comics’ hooded crime-fighter, Green Arrow, from the popular CW television Show Arrow starring Stephen Amell. Oliver Queen, the billionaire playboy of Starling City, spends his nights as Green Arrow hunting with his bow and arrow.

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Green Arrow Cosplay Costumes

Comic book heroes are popular cosplay fodder. In particular, DC Comic hero Green Arrow was not initially a well-known character but coming up the ranks and landing his own television series in 2012 has brought him to the forefront of our minds. Green Arrow is a dark and mysterious hero, masked and hooded, this character can be cosplayed by either sex. There’s no need for expensive measures, a slightly fitted, sleeveless hoodie and a simple mask will be a good start towards your superhero goal.

Streamlining his look with other dark pieces, capped off with black boots, the only other accessory you need are his bow and arrow! As he is a DC Comic book hero, he is among more than a few fellow heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The possibilities for a hero collaboration are endless! Scroll down to our featured pics for more ideas on how to pull off this look and as always, send in your own pics and let us see your spin on things!

Green Arrow Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the vigilante archer of Star City with our Green Arrow costume guide FAQ, inspired by the hit TV show “Arrow.” Ideal for fans looking to embody Oliver Queen’s alter-ego, this guide will help you recreate Green Arrow’s distinct and formidable appearance, combining elements of stealth, combat readiness, and a signature hooded persona.

Green Arrow's costume is designed for stealth and agility. The primary elements include a dark green, hooded leather jacket or vest with a zipper, often detailed with tactical armor-like padding. Underneath, wear a long-sleeve, dark green, tactical shirt. Pair these with dark green cargo pants or tactical pants and dark combat boots. His outfit is completed with a domino mask, covering the eyes.

The hood and mask are key to Green Arrow's look. The hood should be part of the green leather jacket, large enough to shadow the face for anonymity. The mask is a small, dark green domino mask that covers the area around the eyes. You can create this from fabric or look for a replica online.

Green Arrow's signature weapon is his bow. A realistic-looking compound bow (either a prop or a deactivated one) is essential. Include a quiver filled with arrows (props) to wear on your back. Additionally, Green Arrow often wears a utility belt and dark green or black tactical gloves.

For added authenticity, focus on the tactical and armored aspects of the costume. Add details like arm guards or a shoulder harness. You can create a more rugged and worn-in look for the leather components to reflect Green Arrow's vigilante lifestyle.

To bring more depth to your portrayal, consider using some of Green Arrow's quotes: "You have failed this city!," "I am the Green Arrow.," "To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else.," "This city needs something more, something else." and "Every war has casualties. The trick is to make sure you're on the winning side." These quotes capture Green Arrow's commitment to justice, his transformation from Oliver Queen to a hero, and his resolve to protect his city.

About the Green Arrow

A master archer and bowman, an escapologist and highly skilled acrobat and athlete, Green Arrow is in peak physical condition. Unlike other super heroes, Arrow technically has no real superpower except for what he has built up himself. He is 100% human, although that is not to say that he is without resources. His real name is Oliver Queen, and like most DC heroes, he’s a billionaire and sole proprietor of Queen Industries.

Fighting crime in his hometowns of Seattle and Star City in cooperation with the Justice League, Green Arrow is a proponent of street justice. He’s dark and gritty and fights in defense of the disadvantaged and working class society. Fluent in the use of high-tech weapons and a stealthy acrobat, Green Arrow is best known for his use of trick weapons, specialty arrows to be more specific. He works best in darkness and finds the cause of his fellow humans, one worth fighting for.

Green Arrow

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