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Light Blue Dress
Red Wave Hair
Chain Necklace
Oval Earrings
Head Chain

Best Granmamare Costume Guide

Granmamare is from the rather popular movie, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. As the mother of Ponyo and wife to Fujimoto, Granmamare plays a rather minor role in the popular Japanese anime film. The plot of the film centers around a goldfish named Ponyo who desperately wants to become a human. In the film, Granmamare is the Goddess of Mercy and the Queen of the ocean. She’s a beautiful character so, we can’t blame you for wanting to dress up like her. Get the look of this shapeshifting woman under the sea with this Granmamare costume guide.

You don’t need too many pieces to get the perfect Granmamare cosplay. You’ll need a light blue dress, red wavy hair, a chain necklace, opal earrings, and a head chain to get the look of this Majestic Queen.

Granmamare Cosplay Costumes

Because you’ll need relatively few items to cosplay Granmamare, finding all the correct items for her costume shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. The dress she can be found wearing in the Japanese anime Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is pretty basic. The more specific pieces for the cosplay are Granmamare’s jewelry and distinctly red wig. The dress and possibly the jewelry can probably be located at a thrift store. For more a perfect match to the outfit, take a look online.

You could turn this individual costume into family cosplay. You can dress up as Granmamare while dressing up your children as either Ponyo or her sisters. No matter if a solo cosplay for comic-con or a dressing up as a family for Halloween, this Granmamare look has a lot of room for creativity.

Granmamare Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the majestic and nurturing Granmamare from the enchanting world of “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” with our costume guide FAQ. As the mother of Ponyo and a powerful sea goddess, Granmamare exudes an aura of grace and serenity. This guide will assist you in recreating her ethereal and elegant appearance, perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli’s magical storytelling.

Granmamare's outfit is characterized by its ethereal and flowing nature, symbolizing her connection to the sea. She wears a long, flowing dress that seems to be made of water, in shimmering shades of blue and green. The dress should be lightweight and have a fluid, graceful drape to mimic the movement of water. Adding layers of sheer, iridescent fabric can create a magical, sea-like effect.

Granmamare has long, flowing hair that cascades down like waves, often depicted in a light blue or sea green color. You can use a wig to achieve this look, preferably one that is wavy or can be styled to have gentle curls. For makeup, aim for a natural, luminous look with a focus on soft, shimmering tones that reflect her aquatic nature. Using highlights on the cheekbones and a soft, dewy foundation can create a mystical and serene appearance.

Granmamare's accessories should complement her sea goddess theme. Consider wearing jewelry that resembles sea treasures, such as pearls, shells, and gemstones in blues and greens. A crown or tiara that echoes the themes of the sea can be a majestic addition. You might also include accessories that have a fluid, wave-like design to enhance the oceanic motif.

To capture Granmamare's essence, use fabrics that are lightweight, flowy, and have a watery or iridescent quality. Materials like chiffon, organza, or silk can mimic the fluidity of water. Fabrics with a slight shimmer or iridescence can create the magical, otherworldly feel characteristic of Granmamare and the sea.

Incorporating quotes from Granmamare can add depth to your portrayal, capturing her wisdom and maternal love. Some memorable quotes include: "Love can break the spell.," "Always remember that the sea is a part of you.," "Be careful of the world of humans. It's a dangerous place.," "The balance of nature is delicate." and "Trust in the courage of children." These quotes highlight Granmamare's insight and her overarching themes of love, nature, and the strength found in innocence, enriching your character portrayal at any cosplay event.

About Granmamare

A beautiful Goddess and Queen, Granmamare has proven her worth and compassion in the things that she has done for her world. She is the wife of Fujimoto and the mother of Ponyo and all of her thousands of sisters. She has the ability to change size at will and also the ability to turn lights on and off by providing objects with power. She demonstrated this when she went on Koichi’s ship and turned the engine on.

In the fourth highest grossing anime film of all-time, Granmamare entrusts Lisa with Ponyo’s care and safety after the city was flooded. Lisa then became Ponyo’s adopted mother. Ponyo met Lisa when she was trapped in a net and tried to escape, but ended up collapsing on the beach due to exhaustion. This is where Lisa’s son found Ponyo in Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Granmamare knew that she could trust Lisa to protect Ponyo for the rest of her life.


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