How to Dress Like Gracie Law

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Gracie Law Costume Guide
Geisha Costume
Red Flats
Fringe Necklace
Pink Blush
Feather Helmet
Red Lipstick

Best Gracie Law Costume Guide

Gracie Law is a key character in the 1986 martial arts comedy film Big Trouble in Little China. A Chinatown lawyer known to be a magnet of trouble, Gracie gets involved with the problems of Jack and Wang when a street gang called the Lords of Death tries to kidnap her Chinese friend, Tara, at the airport where they were supposed to meet. When Jack intervenes with this attempted kidnapping, the gang kidnaps Wang’s fiancé Miao Yin instead. This leads Gracie, Jack, and Wang in a crazy adventure that involves learning about the ancient beliefs of the Chinese while trying to rescue Miao Yin from the Lords of Death. Get the look of the adventurous lawyer with this Gracie Law costume guide.

To steal Gracie’s look, you’ll need a Feather Helmet, a Geisha Costume, Red Flats, a Fringe Necklace, Pink Blush, and Red Lipstick.


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