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Good Burger Employee Costume Guide

Best Good Burger Employee Halloween Costume Guide

Based on a comedy sketch series on the Nickelodeon television show, “All That,” Good Burger stars Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as they work their summer jobs at a small local burger joint. Keenan’s character, Dexter, reluctantly takes the job after crashing his mother’s car, where he meets Kel’s character, dimwitted but loveable Ed. The pair eventually find their jobs in danger as the much bigger burger joint, Mondo Burger, comes to town to threaten the business of Good Burger. Of course, hilarity ensues as the pair try to save Good Burger and expose Mondo Burger for their use of harmful, illegal ingredients in their burgers.

Now you can get the look of the loveable burger employees with this Good Burger Employee costume guide. Cosplay their fast-food look by wearing a Blue and White Striped Shirt, White Pants, Black Belt, and White Shoes. Finish the look with Ed’s Braided Wig and the iconic Cook’s Hat.

Good Burger Employee Cosplay Costumes

The typical immature teenager, Ed, is a loveable, but foolish character who works as a cashier at the local burger joint, Good Burger. With only good intentions, Ed tries his best to please others and is bad at judging other’s character, which people quickly take advantage of. Ed’s iconic line “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” can now be brought back to life as you cosplay Ed’s look from Nickelodeon’s Good Burger. Wear a blue and white striped shirt paired with white pants. Add some white shoes and a black belt, then finish off the look with a braided wig and cook’s hat.

Don’t save Good Burger on your own! Grab a group of your friends and dress like fellow Good Burger employees together. With these costumes, it’ll be as if you can work and party at the same time!

About Good Burger Employee

Nickelodeon premiered the film Good Burger in 1997 and featured “All That” stars Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. When Keenan’s character, Dexter, takes his mother’s car on a joyride on the first day of summer, he finds himself crashing into Mr. Wheat’s car. Finding himself jobless and needing to pay for the damages, Dexter takes a job at Good Burger, where he meets Kel’s character, Ed. Both foolish and lovable, Ed quickly takes a liking to Dexter. While seemingly friends, Dexter begins to take advantage of Ed after he creates a secret sauce that will save Good Burger from going under after the conglomerate Mondo Burger moves into town.

Despite Dexter’s ill intentions, the two were successful at saving the fast-food joint and taking down Mondo Burger together. Saving the restaurant saves their friendship as they become the new heroes of the town.

Good Burger Employee

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