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Best Gohan The Great Saiyanman Costume Guide

Gohan the Great Saiyaman is from the famous manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. His real name is Son Gohan, but he created the Great Saiyaman character so that he could keep his identity a secret. He pretends to not like fighting, but loves martial arts and is very protective over his family and friends. He is only half Saiyan, which means his values are a little different to the pure Saiyans. He is naturally smart and very kind and humble is also shown with how he acts around others. However, when Gohan has a large surge of power, he tends to become arrogant in his abilities.  

To look as cool and powerful as Gohan the Great Saiyaman you will need a Compression Shirt, Compression Tights, Green Sleeveless Cardigan, Red Cape, Belt with Gold Buckle, White Gloves, Dragon Ball Shoes, Steel Watch, and Great Saiyaman Helmet.

Gohan The Great Saiyanman Cosplay Costumes

One of the great things about Gohan is that he has multiple outfits you can choose from. You could dress as Gohan as a child, teen, adult or go all out with his Gohan the Great Saiayman costume. To really stand out from the other anime and Dragon Ball Z fans, make sure you have the details of the Dragon Ball Shoes and Great Saiyaman Helmet. Also, try and make it your own with some fun and unique twists in the costume design. You could even have the Great Saiayman outfit on top of the normal Gohan outfit for a quick costume change!

Gohan the Great Saiyaman would be glad to have some company on this dangerous mission. Get your friends to band together as other Dragon Ball Z characters like Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, Shin or Old Kai. If you think your team absolutely nailed the costumes, then send us some pictures for our Halloween Costume Contest!

Gohan The Great Saiyanman Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of Dragon Ball Z and embrace the heroic persona of Gohan as The Great Saiyaman with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. This section is designed to help you accurately recreate the vibrant and distinctive superhero outfit worn by Gohan in his Great Saiyaman phase, ensuring your transformation is as authentic as it is exciting.

The Great Saiyaman's costume is known for its striking and unique design. It includes a green and black bodysuit, a white cape with a red interior, white gloves, and white boots with a black tip and green trim. The ensemble is completed with a distinctive helmet that features a black visor and antennae.

The helmet is a key feature of The Great Saiyaman's look. You can create a DIY version using craft foam or papier-mâché, painted to match the colors in the show. Make sure to include the black visor and the iconic antennae. For a more straightforward solution, you can also look for costume replicas online.

The bodysuit should be primarily green, with black sections around the torso and arms. It's important to ensure the suit fits well and is comfortable for movement, as it's a form-fitting piece. You can use spandex or a similar stretchy fabric to achieve the right look and feel.

In addition to the helmet, gloves, and boots, consider adding a watch-like device to represent the one Gohan uses to transform into The Great Saiyaman. A simple digital watch can be modified to resemble the device.

To truly embody The Great Saiyaman, use some of his poses and quotes from the series. Notable quotes include: "I am the Great Saiyaman, defender of justice!" and "Evildoers beware!." As for poses, The Great Saiyaman is known for his dramatic and enthusiastic gestures, often striking a pose with a fist in the air or hands on the hips, emulating classic superhero stances. Incorporating these elements will bring your costume to life and pay homage to Gohan's superhero alter ego.

About Gohan The Great Saiyanman

Gohan is a fictional character from the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. He is the eldest son of Goku and his wife Chi-Chi and is named after Goku’s adoptive grandfather. He’s different from his father in that he doesn’t actually like fighting all that much, but he will enter a fight if he needs to. The main reason that he will ever join a battle is to protect the people he loves, which is one of his biggest strengths, but also weaknesses. For most of his life, he has continued studying while fighting with the Dragon Team to defend the earth. 

Gohan created the alias, the Great Saiyaman, to keep his identity a secret and to separate himself a bit more from his Saiyan side. This is because he finds his Saiyan side gets excited when it comes to challenges and fights and is overly arrogant when given power. Gohan just tries to keep his head down and stay as humble and kind as he can.

Gohan The Great Saiyanman

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