How to Dress Like Go Go Tomago

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Go Go Tomago Costume Guide
Go Go Tomago Cosplay Wig
Black Motorcycle Biker Jacket
White Plain Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Casual Athletic Running Shorts
Seamless Capri Leggings (Black and Purple)
GOGO Athletic Wrist Sweatband
Hersheys Bubble Yum
Women's Fingerless Gloves
Women's Stretch Plus Velcro Sneaker

Best Go Go Tomago Halloween Costume Guide

Go Go Tomago, voiced by Jamie Chung, is a tough, athletic and loyal mechanical engineering student at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology in the Disney animated movie Big Hero 6. The bubble gum popping teen adds her speed and sarcasm to the superhero team Big Hero 6. She lets her actions speaker louder than her few words. She’s pretty much the exact opposite of friend and co-star, Honey Lemon. Dress up like Tadashi Hamada’s loyal friend with this Go Go Tamago costume guide.

Cosplay Go Go Tomago with a White Plain Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Purple and Black Seamless Capri Leggings, Casual Athletic Running Shorts, and Black Motorcycle Biker Jacket. Get the look up to speed with a Go Go Tomago Cosplay Wig, Women’s Fingerless Gloves, Women’s Stretch Plus Velcro Sneakers, Go Go Purple and White Athletic Wrist Sweatband, and plenty of Hershey’s Bubble Yum.

Go Go Tomago Cosplay Costumes

When you think of Go Go Tomago from Disney’s Big Hero 6, rough and tough quickly comes to mind! Her appearance matches her tough attitude, and we can tell you how to get this same look for yourself! Take a quick look in your closet because you most likely already own a white t-shirt, black leggings, black athletic shorts, and a pair of black sneakers. Go Go is athletic and needs the appropriate accessories. We recommend getting the specific cosplay items like Go Go Tomago wig, black biker jacket, purple wristbands, and black fingerless gloves online. Make sure to have plenty of bubble gum on hand for those bubbles!

Even though Go Go acts as though she could hand things on her own, it will be much better to cosplay with the entire Big Hero 6 group! Gather some friends to dress as Hiro Hamada, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Tadashi Hamada, and Fred to really make the Big Hero 6 superhero team come to life! Send in a picture of your Go Go costume after following this costume guide!

About Go Go Tomago

Go Go Tomago is the adrenaline junkie of the Big Hero 6 superhero team, and she very rarely slows down! During the Disney movie, you constantly see her popping bubble gum and looking for the next thing to test her limits. This girl may be tough, but she’s loyal and has a heart of gold. Ever since the tragic fire incident that killed Tadashi Hamada, Go Go wants nothing more than to create a safe place for others in San Fransokyo.

Go Go Tomago is a gifted industrial design and mechanical engineering student at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, which is how she became so close with Tadashi and the rest of his quirky friends. Go Go is always fun to have around because even though she can be intimidating, you can count on her to always have a sarcastic comment during a conversation. Go Go’s strengths definitely lie within her athleticism and her “need for speed.”

Go Go Tomago

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