How to Dress Like Gilligan

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White Bucket Hat
Canteen with Canvas Belt
Red Rugby with White Collar
Olive Utility Pouch
Black Hand Telescope
Sky Blue Casual Pants
White Rope
Brown Leather Satchel
White Casual Shoe

Best Gilligan Costume Guide

The popular television sitcom, Gilligan’s Island, obviously the show wouldn’t be the same without the main character, Gilligan. We watched him on the CBS show that aired from 1964 to 1967 with 98 episodes and three movies. Don’t board the S.S. Minnow without following this costume guide to cosplay Gilligan.

Get Gilligan’s unmistakably quirky look with a White Bucket Hat, Red Rugby Shirt with White Collar, a pair of Sky Blue Casual Pants, and White Casual Shoes. Gear up Gilligan’s accessories by adding a Canteen with Canvas Belt, Olive Utility Pouch, a Brown Leather Satchel, Black Hand Telescope, and White Rope. Gilligan is prepared for just about anything that may occur on the island or so he thinks.

Gilligan Cosplay Costumes

To dress like Gilligan, you’ve got to be ready to take over an island! Well maybe not, but you will look like it once you get dressed in a Gilligan costume! You can easily recreate the infamous character’s style with just a few pieces of clothing and some staple accessories that will bring the character to life.

Start by recreating Gilligan’s look with his signature red rugby shirt. Add a white bucket hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and match up a pair of sky blue pants. Finish the look with a pair of white shoes, and you have the necessary clothes needed for Gilligan’s outfit. Now for the accessories! Grab a brown satchel bag to carry all of your essentials and an olive colored utility pouch to attach canvas belt. Throw a white rope over your shoulder with a black hand telescope in hand, and you’ll be prepared for a three-hour tour. Take a look at our Gilligan gallery to get some inspiration for this awesome costume!

Gilligan Costume Tips & FAQs

Set sail on a comedic adventure with our costume guide for Gilligan, the lovable and bumbling first mate from the classic TV show “Gilligan’s Island.” Known for his iconic red shirt and navy hat, Gilligan’s look is perfect for a nostalgic costume, themed events, or any gathering where you want to bring some lighthearted fun.

Gilligan's outfit is simple yet iconic. The key components include a red, long-sleeved, crew-neck sweater and light blue or khaki bell-bottom pants. He also wears a white bucket hat, often referred to as a navy-style hat. Complete the outfit with a pair of simple white sneakers or canvas shoes.

Gilligan, portrayed by Bob Denver, has short, slightly messy dark hair. To replicate his look, style your hair (or a wig) to be casual and a bit tousled. The hair should have a laid-back, carefree appearance, reflecting Gilligan's character.

Gilligan wears simple, white sneakers or canvas shoes. The shoes should be comfortable and practical, fitting the casual and somewhat clumsy nature of his character. Classic white canvas sneakers would be the most accurate choice.

The most critical accessory for Gilligan's costume is his white bucket hat, which is a signature part of his look. If you're looking to add more detail, you could include nautical-themed accessories like a rope tied around the waist or a prop like a ship's wheel, reflecting his role as a ship's first mate.

Gilligan is known for his clumsy yet good-natured demeanor. He often gets into comical situations due to his bumbling actions. Adopt a playful, slightly awkward posture and a naive, well-meaning attitude. Here are some classic Gilligan lines: "Oh, Skipper!," "Gee, I didn't mean to do that.," "Sorry about that, Skipper.," "I was just trying to help." and "That's a great idea, Skipper!" These lines capture Gilligan's innocent and accident-prone personality, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this beloved character.

About Gilligan

William “Willy” Gilligan, or better known as Gilligan, is the loving and quirky character who utterly transformed the CBS show Gilligan’s Island into a household favorite sitcom. People of all ages enjoy Gilligan’s character because he related to everyone who watched the show. Gilligan was formerly in the Navy and ended up on an island with The Skipper where many hilarious events occur throughout the three seasons the show aired.

Gilligan was a sweet, timid, and sometimes naive character who always got himself into trouble and usually made a bad situation even worse. But he was also a brave young man who would step up in times of need not only for himself but the others stranded on the deserted island. Even though he wasn’t the most intelligent on the show, Gilligan could usually find a way to solve a problem—and it was usually his personality that ended up saving him in the end.


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