How to Dress Like Gi (Water)

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Gi Costume Guide
Black Bob Wig
Dickies Denim Stretch Jacket
Water Planeteer Logo Pink T-Shirt
Canvas Web Belt with Brass Buckle
White Sierra Crystal Cove River Short
Amscan Light-Up Gem Rings
18k Gold X Pendant Necklace
E.G. Smith Lime Green Socks
Under Armour Women's Ua Micro G Optimum

Best Gi Costume Guide

Planeteer Gi, from the animated TV show Captain Planet, is an adorable cosplay choice for your next convention. She is the marine biologist from Asia who needs a nearby water source for her power to be useful. Gi is the second Planeteer to be summoned. Follow this complete guide to see how to dress just like Gi from the eco-friendly cartoon series.

For Gi’s outfit, wear an authentic Planeteer Logo Pink T-Shirt under a Dickies Denim Stretch Jacket. Then, dress up in a pair of White Sierra Crystal Cove River Shorts belted with a Canvas Web Belt with Brass Buckle. Complete her clothing with Lime Green Socks and a pair of Under Armour Women’s UA Micro G Optimum Sneakers. Include right accessories with a Black Bob Wig, an Amscan Light-Up Gem Ring, and an 18k Gold X Pendant Necklace.

Gi Cosplay Costumes

The bearer of the Water Ring from the popular television show Captain Planet, Planeteer Gia, is a fun and simple character to cosplay. You can follow our guide above or put together all the pieces for her costume on your own. While it may be easier to order an official Gia Planeteer t-shirt, you can paint the Captain Planet logo on a pink t-shirt using supplies from any craft section. If you happen to be already rocking a short, dark bob haircut, you’re in luck. If not, a wig can easily be picked up at a local costume shop. Add a denim jacket and a basic pair of dark khaki shorts to complete her clothing. Then slip on a light-up ring to complete Gi’s trademark look.

For group cosplay, we naturally suggest bringing together other Planeteers—Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, and Ma-Ti. You can also include the main character Captain Planet or the beautiful Gaia. Take a look at the featured gallery pics for even more ideas. We welcome your Gi cosplay pictures as well!

About Gi

The second Planeteer to be summoned by Gaia, Gi is the bearer of the Water Ring. In keeping with her love of the ocean, she was given her ring by a dolphin, whom she considers her friend. Despite being the second summoned, she is interestingly fourth in the Planeteer line-up when calling Captain Planet. She is smart and beautiful with a bubbly personality and is well liked by her teammates.

Unsurprisingly, like her friends, she can sometimes rush into things without fully thinking them through. Her stubbornness does nothing to help this. Despite this, she is quick-witted and funny, often quick with a response to most remarks. Her passion is the ocean and all its creatures. Any mission affecting the ocean brings out her strengths. Gi is the one to dive into any water when the need arrives, to pick up objects or rescue others.


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