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White Turtle Neck
Dark Washed Jeans
33 Printed Sweater
Red Converse Sneakers
Afro Wig

Best Gerald Johanssen Costume Guide

Gerald Johanssen is the best friend of Arnold Shortman from the hit Nickelodeon animated series, Hey Arnold! As the president of their fourth-grade class, Gerald is cool, popular, and often the voice of reason in their small group of friends. This is almost the exact opposite of his experience with his family. As the middle child, Gerald struggles to fight against his older brother Jamie and has trouble vying for parent’s attention due to his younger sister, Timberly. He often feels like he’s picked on the most among his two siblings. Get the look of the smooth fourth grader with this Gerald Johanssen costume guide.

To cosplay Gerald’s effortlessly cool look from Hey Arnold!, all you need is a 33 Printed Sweater, Dark Washed Jeans, Red Converse Sneakers, White Turtle Neck, and an Afro Wig. With this cool costume, you’ll be fit to be president of any fourth grade class!

Gerald Johanssen Cosplay Costumes

Gerald’s cool outfit is recognizable to any kid that grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s. One of the most popular characters in what is described to be the golden age of Nickelodeon, Gerald Johanssen is sure to be a hit at any event. The best thing is, getting his look isn’t that difficult. All you’ll need is some pretty basic clothes—white turtleneck, dark-washed jeans, and a pair of red Converse sneakers. Two specific items needed to finish the look are an afro wig and a 33 printed sweater. You should be able to buy both online. Bonus points if you get your afro standing tall, like the hair of Marge Simpson from The Simpsons. Rumor has it that’s who Gerald’s hair is patterned after.

This popular kid won’t be going to parties alone, and neither should you! Round up the whole gang from Hey Arnold! for an epic 90’s group cosplay. Let your friends cosplay as your best friend Arnold Shortman and other favorites like Helga Pataki, Phoebe Heyerdahl, Harold Berman, Eugene Horowitz, and Rhonda Wellington Lloyd.

Gerald Johanssen Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the vibrant and animated world of “Hey Arnold!” with our Gerald Johanssen costume guide FAQ. Gerald, Arnold’s best friend and a central character in the series, is known for his cool demeanor and distinctive style. This guide is perfect for fans who want to recreate Gerald’s iconic look for cartoon-themed events, cosplay gatherings, or nostalgia-filled parties.

Gerald's outfit is recognizable for its simple yet stylish elements. It includes a red long-sleeved shirt with a number '33' on the front, blue shorts, and red high-top sneakers. His look is completed with his signature high-top fade hairstyle, which is one of his most distinctive features. Gerald's style encapsulates the cool and laid-back vibe of the '90s.

Gerald's high-top fade is a defining aspect of his character. To achieve this look, you can use a tall black wig styled in a flat-top or create a DIY version using craft materials like foam for a more exaggerated, cartoon-like effect. Make sure it's tall and well-shaped to resemble Gerald's iconic hairdo.

Look for a bright red long-sleeved shirt or jersey. The key feature is the large white '33' printed on the front. If you can't find a shirt with the number, you can easily add it using white fabric paint or iron-on numbers.

Gerald's character is often seen wearing a small, gold earring in his left ear, which adds a touch of coolness to his look. Additionally, his laid-back and confident attitude is a big part of his character, so carrying that demeanor can enhance the costume significantly.

Gerald is known for his storytelling skills, especially his urban legends. Mimicking his cool, smooth-talking demeanor and incorporating phrases like "You know you're my best friend, right?" or "And that's the end of my story" can bring authenticity to your portrayal. Emphasizing his loyal, confident, and imaginative personality will bring your Gerald Johanssen costume to life.

About Gerald Johanssen

Gerald Johanssen is perhaps one of the coolest fourth graders around. That’s why his friends look to him as one of the group leaders. While it is to be expected that he’s good at sports, like football, a surprising part of Gerald’s personality is his love for music. He is shown in multiple episodes singing, strumming the guitar, and playing the violin. While he may have a track record of being a popular kid, Gerald is not the best student around. He often tries to convince Arnold to skip class.

His less-than-strict moral code often creates points of conflict for him and his more optimistic best friend, Arnold. Unlike Arnold who likes to help everyone as much as possible, Gerald is more self-preserving and is, at times, viewed by audiences as selfish or a bad influence. The good thing is, Arnold almost always convinces Gerald to do the right thing and Gerald always remains a good friend no matter what.

Gerald Johanssen

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