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Geordi La Forge Costume Guide

Best Geordi La Forge Costume Guide

Geordi La Forge is a long-running character from the sci-fi series, Star Trek. He is part of The Next Generation and also appears in four of Star movies. Geordi, played by LeVar Burton, is as a helmsman of the USS Enterprise-D and quickly rises to chief engineer. Despite being blind since birth, he’s able to see with the help of advanced technology—VISOR.

He suffered from a traumatic event as a child when trapped inside a burning home alone—having been isolated from anyone while in danger left him with lasting effects of solitude. Despite that, he’s very good at adapting to the changes he experiences in life. He’s extremely hardworking and is an asset to have onboard the ship. Get the look of the Lieutenant Commander with this Geordi La Forge costume guide. If you want to see the stars through the eyes of Geordi La Forge,  you need a Star Trek Shirt, Black Pants, Boots, Communicator Badge, and Star Trek Visor.

Geordi La Forge Cosplay Costumes

Geordi La Forge was created in honor of a fan of the original Star Trek series. The device Geordi wears, called a VISOR, enables him to see. It’s not exactly like human eyesight but allows him to “see” radio waves, infrared, and ultraviolet. He doesn’t let his loss of sight prevent him from doing what he truly loves. He worked hard to join the Starfleet, and people learn he is a highly skilled engineer. His intelligence and work ethic has gained him the attention of many higher-ranking officers. Geordi also earned a name for himself when graduating from the academy. 

Dressed as Geordi, you still need the rest of your crew to complete a real Star Trek: The Next Generation group cosplay. So, whether you’re going alone or if Data will be joining you, you’re bound to find an adventure in space! Don’t forget to submit an entry into the annual Halloween Costume Contest with your Star Trek costume.

About Geordi La Forge

Geordi La Forge was born in the year 2335 in Somalia. Both his parents were part of Starfleet which meant they had to move around a lot. He joined the Starfleet Academy in 2353 and graduated in 2357. He was quickly assigned to the USS Victory and then was transferred to the USS Hood where he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior. After impressing Captain Jean-Luc Picard by fixing a shuttlecraft, he is asked to join his command on the Enterprise-D as a helmsman

Geordi impresses almost everyone he meets with his engineering skills and can-do attitude. He tries to have more friends than enemies but isn’t really close to anyone but Data. He enjoys a good poker game and has a hobby of building models. He’s also skilled at chess, swimming, and fencing, but has found writing to be a challenge. His ability to pick up new skills quickly enabled him to learn several different languages.

Geordi La Forge

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