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Best Genji Shimada Costume Guide

Genji is an offense playable hero in the massively popular first-person shooter, Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment. He is the son of the Japanese clan leader, Sojiro Shimada, the master of the Shimada Ninja Clan. Though living a life of luxury and privilege, Genji refused to take part in his family’s illegal business. Genji’s older brother, Hanzo, another playable Overwatch character, nearly killed him in a violent rage for his refusal to participate in the family business. As a result, Genji received a new cyborg ninja body. Get the look of the cyborg who has freed himself from a criminal past with this Genji Shimada costume guide.

To cosplay this amazing character, start by wearing the incredibly cool Genji Body Costume which will protect you from most attacks and will look incredibly awesome as well. Next, put on the recognizable Genji Mask. Slip on White Ninja Boots which will enable you silently sneak up on your enemies and finalize the Genji Shimada costume. Finally, equip yourself with Throwing Star Toys, a weapon in which you’re sure to never miss. And don’t forget Genji’s Sword, the most essential weapon of all as you slice your way through your enemies… and to victory!

Genji Shimada Cosplay Costumes

Genji is a Japanese ninja warrior that was nearly killed by his brother. He is part cyborg and extremely lethal in close battles. All in all, if you’re an Overwatch video game fan, rest assured you’ve chosen one of the most awesome Overwatch heroes to cosplay. Now, here’s something which will make your cosplay even better… inviting your friends! You could do an awesome team up with your fellow Overwatch buddies and ask them to dress up as their own favorite characters like D.Va, Reaper, Soldier: 76, McCree, Tracer, and more.

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Genji Shimada Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the futuristic world of “Overwatch” as Genji Shimada, the swift and skilled cyborg ninja. Our Genji costume guide FAQ is designed to help you recreate the intricate and iconic look of this popular character. Whether for cosplay events or gaming conventions, this guide covers Genji’s cybernetic armor, helmet, and signature weapons, ensuring your portrayal is as dynamic as it is accurate.

Genji's costume is a complex set of cybernetic armor with distinct green and silver coloring. Key elements include a helmet with a visor, chest and shoulder armor, arm guards, and leg armor. The outfit is completed with a set of shuriken and his katana, the Dragonblade. The armor has specific green glowing patterns, which are crucial for an authentic look.

Creating Genji's armor requires attention to detail. You can craft the armor pieces using materials like EVA foam, which is lightweight and flexible. Each piece should be cut and shaped according to Genji's design, then painted in silver and green with the glowing green accents. LED lights can be added to create the glowing effect.

Genji's helmet is sleek with a distinct visor. You can build the helmet using EVA foam or 3D printing, ensuring it has the proper shape and space for the visor. The visor can be created with tinted transparent plastic, allowing visibility while maintaining the character's look.

Essential props for a Genji costume include his shuriken and katana, the Dragonblade. These can be crafted from foam or lightweight plastic for safety and ease of carrying. Detailing on the weapons should match Genji's in-game design for authenticity.

Genji is known for his philosophical outlook and martial prowess. Some memorable quotes include: "The dragon and I are one.," "I am ready to unleash the dragon.," "My spirit grows strong.," "Measure twice, cut once.," and "Life and death balance on the edge of my blade." Incorporating these quotes or practicing Genji's ninja-like movements can bring an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal, capturing the essence of his character.

About Genji Shimada

As a young man, Genji Shimada lived a very relaxed and laid-back lifestyle—a life of privilege. He was a playboy and part of an extremely rich and powerful ninja clan. Since Genji did not take part in the clan’s illegal activities, he was thought to be a liability to many of his father’s associates. After his father died, his brother Hanzo demanded he take a more active role in the clan but Genji refused. This initiated a huge argument that led to a violent battle. In the aftermath, Genji was nearly killed, but still barely alive. He was restored and even enhanced thanks to his Cyborg body given to him by Overwatch.

Always an amazing ninja fighter, even in his previous life, Genji dedicated his time to destroying his father’s clan. He is an extremely lethal fighter who takes particular advantage of his shurikens, which he shoots at his enemies. More than that, he also has enhanced cyber-agility which lets him move at a faster pace at longer distances. His ultimate move is the Dragonblade, his most prized weapon, the ōdachi sword which causes maximum damage. His life can be summed by his words to his brother, “Even If I Sacrifice My Body, I Will Never Sacrifice My Honor.”

Genji Shimada

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