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Genie Costume Guide
Genie Muscle Costume
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Latex Pointed Ears
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Best Genie Costume Guide

He has phenomenal cosmic powers but an itty bitty living space. Who is he? Genie! Robin Williams voiced the character Genie from the 31st Disney animated feature film, Aladdin. We all loved to watch Genie turn into different animals, objects, and television personalities! There could have been no better voice than Robin Williams, and no better friend for Aladdin, the poor Agrabah thief. Follow this top costume guide to get the look hilarious Genie.

Genie’s popular character outfit is made up of a Genie Muscle Costume, Genie Pants, a Men’s Cummerbund, and Jester Shoes. Add the necessary accessories of Latex Pointed Ears, Yellow Hoop Earrings, and a Solid Brass Flat Cuff to get the complete look.With this great costume, you don’t have to be entrapped in Aladdin’s lamp until you’re freed for all of eternity!

Genie Cosplay Costumes

Let’s talk Genie in a bottle! Aladdin’s sidekick (other than Abu, of course), is one of the top Disney characters to dress like for a cosplay. This costume is fun because you get to go all out and completely change your look! Don’t worry; it’s not hard to do if you follow these simple steps to create a Genie cosplay costume!

Grab some blue face paint and cover everything from your face down to your waist in blue. Color a pair of pointy latex ears in that same color and throw them on over your ears. Now that you are the color of Genie, you can find a pair of baggy Genie pants, a red cummerbund, and a gold-colored pair of jester shoes. Add in a pair of gold hoop earrings and a brass wrist cuff for Genie’s jewelry accessories. The last thing you will need is a genie’s lamp from Aladdin, and you’re done! Check out other people who recreated this look in the cosplay gallery. Our one wish is for you to send us a picture of your costume when it’s finished so we can see how magical it is!

About Genie

Genie is the big blue guy who is forced to grant three wishes to anyone and everyone in the Disney film Aladdin. When he met the street orphan Aladdin, he had no idea that he would be meeting his new best friend. Aladdin wished for two wishes and then granted Genie’s freedom for his final wish! Genie’s new freedom allowed him to venture out into the world and experience everything he could never do. He was no longer trapped in that tiny lamp like he had been for thousands of years before.

Genie wasn’t only known for granting wishes for strangers; he also showed how loyal and brave he could be when he helped Aladdin take down the Grand Vizier of Agrabah, Jafar. Genie may have acted scared at times, but he never left Aladdin’s side. We all know it wasn’t because he was stuck with him until he granted those three wishes for Aladdin. Genie taught us the loyalty of a best friend and that everything you do for other people will come back to you one day!


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