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How to Dress Like Gene Jenkinson

Mens Sleeveless Muscle Shirt
Head Wrap
Server Apron
Mens Blue Jeans
Fake Butcher Knife
Vans Classic Slip-On
  1. Men's Sleeveless Muscle Shirt Check Price
  2. Head Wrap Check Price
  3. Server Apron Check Price
  4. Mens Blue Jeans Check Price
  5. Fake Butcher Knife Check Price
  6. Vans Classic Slip-On Check Price

Best Gene Jenkinson Costume Guide

Gene from the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer is the crazy chef we have all had at summer camp, just with a few more personal issues! The Vietnam veteran has his weird obsessions and war flashbacks, but he keeps us laughing. Gene is one of the characters from the show who has a unique style. Wet Hot American Summer is the hit remake series based on the summer camp that takes place in 1981.

Gene is usually seen wearing a Men’s Sleeveless Muscle Shirt, some colorful Head Wrap, Men’s Blue Jeans, and Vans Classic Slip-On shoes. Since he is the camp chef, he also wears a Server Apron and is usually carrying around a knife like this Fake Butcher Knife while caressing every refrigerator in sight.

About Gene Jenkinson

Of all the counselors at Camp Firewood, Gene is a little rough around the edges from his Vietnam experience. Camp Firewood is the Jewish camp set in 1981 on the hilarious show Wet Hot American Summer. All of the counselors have one day to get romantic with each other and put on the best talent show they can come up with! Gene is just one of the hysterical characters from the show who takes everything just a bit too far.

Vietnam veteran camp chef, Gene, is also known to be a little obsessed with refrigerators and can’t pass up caressing one whenever he walks by. Consistent with quirky personality traits, Gene is known for saying inappropriate things before thinking and quickly having to make up a rhyme or reason for what he “meant to say.” This is one camp you may want to skip out on visiting, but it is a must-watch if only to laugh at Gene and all of the other characters!

Gene Jenkinson

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