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Tricorne Hat
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Red Coat Costume
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Best Gaston Costume Guide

Gaston is our favorite villain to hate from the Disney films, and he’s annoyingly perfect in both Beauty and the Beast movies. The original animated movie came out in 1991, and the live action remake was released in 2017 knocking the story out of this world! Gaston’s manly character in both the cartoon and live action film are impeccable as always. You can get the complete look of Gaston by following this costume guide.

Cosplay Gaston with a Tricorne Hat, Colonial Man Wig, Red Coat Costume, Rose-Gold Wedding Ring, Oval Onyx Rings, Black Vinyl Boots, and a Fighting Sword. Make sure to bring along his accessories, Gaston likes them almost as much as he enjoys looking at himself in the mirror.

Gaston Cosplay Costumes

Recreating Disney characters has to be among the best costumes to reenact while attending cosplay conventions. While most people like to dress as the prince and princesses of the movies, portraying the evil guy is secretly what everyone wishes to do at one point. You can dress as Gaston, the conceited, handsome, and desirable (by everyone except the beautiful Belle) villain from the quaint little French town.

You can get most of Gaston’s costume at any costume shop. Start with a dark colonial hairstyle or a similar wig. Add a Tricorne hat too. Gaston is always seen wearing his red soldier coat and matching vest. Wear a pair of tan pants that look like knickers that that stop at your calves. You’ll also need some flashy rings to wear, a pair of black boots, and a fake sword to show off prove your masculinity! Take a look at the other’s who cosplayed this look for some additional pointers!

Gaston Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the enchanting world of “Beauty and the Beast” with our costume guide for Gaston, the boastful and brawny antagonist from the beloved Disney films. Known for his muscular physique, charming facade, and distinctive style, Gaston’s look is both iconic and perfect for fans looking to embody his character in cosplay events, theatrical productions, or themed parties. This guide will help you recreate Gaston’s look, capturing his unique blend of charisma and vanity.

Gaston's outfit is reflective of his egotistical and rugged personality. Essential components include a red, collared shirt with yellow or gold accents like lapels and buttons, black or dark-colored pants, and knee-high brown boots. He often wears a thick leather belt with a large buckle and a matching holster for his hunting weapon. Gaston's look is completed with a dark cape or cloak, which he wears over his shoulders.

Gaston has thick, dark hair that's slicked back. To achieve this look, style your hair (or a wig) to be combed back smoothly, possibly using pomade or gel for a sleek finish. Gaston's hair is neat and well-groomed, reflecting his vanity.

Gaston wears tall, brown leather boots that are practical for hunting and add to his imposing stature. Choose boots that are sturdy and have a rustic, masculine look to match Gaston's outdoorsman character.

Key accessories for a Gaston costume include his thick leather belt with a large buckle and a hunting weapon holster. Optionally, you can carry a prop hunting rifle or bow to enhance his hunter persona. Ensure any prop weapons are safe and adhere to event guidelines.

Gaston is known for his arrogant and boastful lines. Here are some memorable quotes: "No one's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston, no one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston's.," "As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating!," "I'm especially good at expectorating!," "Belle, it's about time you got your head out of those books and paid attention to more important things... like me!" and "It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and thinking..." These quotes capture Gaston's overconfidence, his disdain for intellect (especially in women), and his self-centered nature, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Gaston

We know that no one’s neck is as incredibly thick as Gaston’s, and we also know he was determined he would marry the beautiful maiden Belle in the film Beauty and the Beast. The animated Disney movie was released in 1991, and even though we weren’t rooting for Belle and Gaston to be married, he quickly becomes one of our favorite villains. Gaston is the prime example of an egotistical man. The only reason he truly wanted to be with Belle is because he believed her to be the most beautiful.

Gaston couldn’t handle the fact that Belle could love a beast over him, so he made it his mission to kill the beast. This way Belle would be forced to live out her life by Gaston’s side. Unfortunately for him, Gaston’s selfishness got in the way and ended up leading to his own demise. Gaston taught us all that it doesn’t matter how beautiful your outer appearance is, it’s your inner beauty that truly matters.


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