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Purple Long Sleeve Shirt
Brown Hair Wig
Black Leather Straps
Blue Pants
Okido Pendant
Work Boots

Best Gary Oak Costume Guide

Gary Oak is the rival of the fellow Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum, and a recurring character in the Pokemon anime series and an arrogant rival at that! From Pallet Town, Gary is the grandson of the famous Professor Oak and is also a Pokémon Researcher. Though Gary Oak puts up a good battle from time to time, he doesn’t connect with his Pokemon like Ash Ketchum does. Gary Oak is often found riding around in his red convertible car with someone chauffeuring him wherever he pleases. Get the look of the former childhood friend of Ash Ketchum with this Gary Oak costume guide.

Turn Gary’s sleek style into a cosplay with a Purple Long Sleeve Shirt, Blue Pants, a pair of Work Boots, and Black Leather Straps to wrap around the boots. Put on a Brown Wig to get Gary’s hairstyle, then add an Okido Pendant and a Pokeball for Gary’s must-have accessories! With this look, you’ll be able to face off with the other rival Pokemon trainers!

Gary Oak Cosplay Costumes

Each Pokemon trainer has their own unique style, and Gary’s is one of those trainers that you can’t miss! You can put together Gary’s costume with a quite a few pieces that you already own like a purple long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and a pair of ordinary work boots. Take some leather straps (or even some pieces of black duct tape) to wrap around each of your boots to match Gary’s shoes. Take a look at a local costume shop for the brown wig and Pokeball, but if there’s anything you can’t find in stores, you can find everything listed in the costume guide to recreate Gary Oak’s look!

Even though they are rivals, you could have a friend dress as rivals Ash Ketchum, Brock, and Misty to turn the solo cosplay look into a group cosplay! Dressing up as different Pokemon or characters from the series is also a way to turn up the fun! Send us a picture of your cosplay so we can show off your costume in the Gary Oak gallery!

Gary Oak Costume Tips & FAQs

Get ready to embody the confident and sometimes cheeky persona of Gary Oak from the world of Pokémon with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This guide is specifically tailored to help you recreate Gary’s distinctive look, known for its bold colors and sporty style, which reflects his character as a skilled Pokémon Trainer and Ash Ketchum’s rival. We’ll dive into the essential components of his outfit and provide insights to capture the essence of Gary Oak in your costume.

Gary Oak's outfit is a vibrant and sporty ensemble. It typically includes a long-sleeved purple shirt, a light blue vest with yellow trim, and dark trousers. He also wears fingerless gloves, often green, and a Poké Ball belt to hold his Pokémon. Gary's footwear consists of tall, dark boots. Completing his look is his signature spiky, brown hair and a small necklace with a charm, often obscured by his shirt.

Gary's hairstyle is spiky and somewhat unruly, in a rich brown color. Styling your hair (or a wig) to have prominent spikes will capture his look effectively. As for demeanor, Gary often carries himself with a sense of superiority and confidence, sometimes bordering on arrogance. Embodying this attitude is key to an authentic portrayal of his character.

For the vest, seek a light blue or turquoise color with a distinctive yellow trim or edging. The vest should be sleeveless and worn over a long-sleeved purple shirt. The shirt can be a simple, solid purple with a comfortable fit. The combination of these colors is crucial to mimic Gary Oak's iconic appearance.

Key accessories for Gary's costume include his fingerless gloves, which are typically green, and his Poké Ball belt, a crucial element for any Pokémon Trainer. Additionally, wearing a small, simple necklace can add an extra touch of authenticity to the costume.

While Gary Oak is not known for catchphrases in the same way as other characters in Pokémon, his confident and somewhat taunting attitude is his hallmark. Phrases like "Smell ya later!" or boasting about his Pokémon and Trainer abilities can effectively convey his personality. Showcasing a competitive spirit and a sense of rivalry, especially if interacting with someone cosplaying as Ash Ketchum, can also enhance the portrayal of Gary Oak.

About Gary Oak

Gary Oak is a character who was Ash Ketchum’s rival for the first few seasons in the Pokemon anime series. No matter who he battled against, Gary’s arrogance overpowered every other aspect of his personality. At every opportunity, Gary would rub it in Ash’s face how much more advanced than he was than Ash. But, Ash knew he had a much better connection with his Pokemon than Gary ever would.

Gary rides around in his fancy convertible with someone else chauffeuring him around because he thought he was too good to drive himself. It wasn’t until later in the series when Gary Oak was defeated in the Pokemon League that he began to realize how big-headed he actually was. It was much overdue for him to change his ways as both a Pokemon trainer and a person for the better.

Gary Oak

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