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Best Gabriella Montez Costume Guide

Meet the “Freaky Math Girl” turned Musical Darling, Gabriella Montez, the main female character of the teens’ all-time favorite, Disney’s High School Musical trilogy. An “academic protégée,” Gabriella aces in Math and Science, but is often laughed at making her a shy-type. She met Troy Bolton, the captain of East High Wildcats basketball team, while on ski vacation where they sang together. Later on, she reunited with him when she moved to East High. Throughout the series, Gabriella and Troy formed a wonderful relationship full of love and music. And as a young couple going through a series of life stages, they went through ups and downs proving their love for each other.

Get the look of a sweet and innocent High school darling with this Gabriella Montez costume guide. Dress up in an orange cardigan, yellow tank top, blue jeans, black heels, gold pendant necklace, and a wavy black hair wig will definitely complete her look.

Gabriella Montez Cosplay Costumes

High School are some of the most unforgettable years of our lives. For Gabriella, these are among the best. She may be one of the Decathlon geeks, but she’s definitely a stylish one. Her wardrobe consists of mostly bright casual clothes and dresses. Looking like Gabi isn’t that hard to pull off. You may already have similar pieces in your wardrobe. Throw in some good ole jeans, a tank top, cardigan, and a good pair of heels. In the second installment, Gabriella wears a special necklace with a T- letter charm which obviously stands for Troy. If you have one, that will top off the whole look. And oh, don’t forget to sport that wavy black hair to get that Gabriela vibe.

Come in as a full-cast of High School Musical with your next cosplay. Dress up as Troy, Gabriella, Taylor, Chad, and don’t leave out the ever extra twins, Sharpay and Ryan.

Gabriella Montez Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the charming and intelligent aura of Gabriella Montez with our detailed costume guide FAQ. From her casual school outfits to her performance ensembles, we provide insights on how to capture the essence of East High’s star student. Let’s dive into your questions about recreating Gabriella’s iconic and relatable looks.

Gabriella's style is feminine, comfortable, and trendy. Key pieces include fitted jeans or capris, layered tank tops, and cardigans. She often wears solid colors or subtle prints. For footwear, Gabriella usually opts for simple ballet flats or casual sneakers. Her style is the epitome of the girl-next-door, mixed with a touch of musical theater flair.

For a performance look, Gabriella often wears more dramatic outfits like a red dress or a sparkly top paired with a skirt. These outfits are more glamorous but still maintain her signature understated elegance. Add some simple jewelry, like a necklace or a pair of earrings, to complete the ensemble.

Gabriella has long, wavy brown hair, usually worn down or in a half-up, half-down style. For makeup, she has a natural look, focusing on light blush, subtle eyeshadow, and a natural lip color. The overall appearance is fresh-faced and youthful.

Gabriella's accessories are typically minimal. A simple pendant necklace, a few bracelets, or a pair of stud earrings can add to the authenticity of the costume. For certain scenes, a red or white headband can also be included as part of her outfit.

Adding some of Gabriella's quotes can bring an extra layer of character to your portrayal. Here are a few memorable ones: "When I was singing with you, I just felt like... a girl.," "I want to remember this summer, but not like this, Troy.," "We're all in this together.," "It's just like kindergarten, being afraid to talk to new people.," and "I'm a lot better at saying goodbye than you." These quotes capture Gabriella's thoughtful and introspective nature, as well as her journey of self-discovery and growth throughout the series.

About Gabriella Montez

Gabriella Montez is an exemplary academic. She became a member of the Scholastic Decathlon Team when she moved to East High. Labeled as the “Freaky Math Girl,” she dreaded excelling in academics—something that she can’t help doing. But following her love for singing, she participated in the theater where she did duets with her love team, Troy Bolton, the hot-shot Wildcats b-ball team captain.

She is best friends with Taylor McKessie and the nemesis of Sharpay Evans for both Troy’s attention and the spotlight. After making some friends, Gabriella learned to come out of her shell and have fun. Being at East High, doing Decathlon, singing, and being with Troy are really what set off her amazing and unforgettable High School life. She’s a very attractive brunette, played by Vanessa Hudgens. She was able to catch Troy’s eyes on both film and at some point in real life.

Gabriella Montez

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