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Mr. Robot Mask
Black Magician Butler Formal Costume Top Hat
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Best FSociety Masked Man Costume Guide

Get in costume like the masked monopoly man that appears in the USA television hit show, Mr. Robot. The FSociety hacker group led by the mysterious Mr. Robot gets its name from the run down amusement park building in which it has its headquarters. Take down Evil Corp with Elliot Alderson dressed up with a Mr. Robot Mask, Poplin Regular Fit Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt, White Dress Vest & BowTie, Unisex Chefs Trouser, and a Formalities Tuxedo Jacket. Get the hacker’s complete costume by adding a Black Magician Butler Formal Costume Top Hat, White Parade Gloves, and a Round Handle Wood Cane.

FSociety Masked Man Cosplay Costumes

Grab a few of your friends willing to dress up as the various characters of the show, Mr. Robot, while you dress as the fsociety masked man and you could have quite the group costume. We’d love to see how creative you can get as well so send over some photos of what you create!

The masked man is actually the co-founder and leader of the group known as the fsociety. The fsociety is a hacker group who happen to get their name from the rundown amusement park building where their headquarters is located.

If you wish to replicate the look of the fsociety masked man, you’ll need a few things first starting with a Mr. Robot mask. You’ll then need a black top hat, a tuxedo jacket, a white dress vest and bow tie, a white dress shirt, grey trousers, white gloves and a wooden cane.

FSociety Masked Man Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the enigmatic world of cyber-revolution with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ for the FSociety Masked Man from “Mr. Robot.” This guide is designed to assist you in embodying the mysterious and iconic persona of this figure, who symbolizes the rebellious spirit and intriguing plot of the series.

The most crucial element of the FSociety Masked Man's costume is the distinctive mask, which features a smirking face with exaggerated features and a monocle. The rest of the outfit is relatively simple, consisting of a dark hoodie, usually black or dark green, dark pants, and dark shoes. The mask's unique design is what makes this costume instantly recognizable.

The FSociety mask can be purchased online as it has become a popular item among fans of "Mr. Robot." If you prefer a DIY approach, you can create it using papier-mâché or craft foam, painting it to match the distinctive look of the mask from the series.

Opt for a plain, dark-colored hoodie, preferably black or dark green, and pair it with dark jeans or trousers. The shoes should be simple and dark, like black sneakers or boots. The key is to keep the clothing understated to draw attention to the mask.

Apart from the mask, no specific accessories are necessary for the FSociety Masked Man costume. However, you could add a backpack or a laptop bag to evoke the character's hacker persona.

Including quotes or phrases can add an extra layer of authenticity to your cosplay. Here are some associated with FSociety: "We are FSociety. We are finally free. We are finally awake!," "Hello, friend.," "We are 5/9.," "Join us.," and "This is our world now. Our world, our time." These quotes and phrases capture the essence of FSociety's mission in "Mr. Robot" - a mission of liberation from societal constraints and control, often expressed through hacking and cyber-activism.

About FSociety Masked Man

The identity of the masked stranger is none other than Mr. Robot who happens to be the group leader and co-founder and is quite determined to draw Elliot into the fsociety’s activities. He tends to create video manifestos and when he does, he dresses up as somewhat of a monopoly figure man which is the costume above and he is very bent on taking down the world’s corporate structure. Mr. Robot may be a very intelligent and cunning man but he’s also emotionally manipulative and he can be pretty prone to violence at times.

Mr. Robot is also somewhat of a parental figure to Elliot. He will push Elliot beyond his comfort zone in order to see him succeed and he also stays by his side when Elliot happens to go through his withdrawals. It eventually is made known that Mr. Robot is none other than a construct within Elliot Alderson’s mind.

FSociety Masked Man

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