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Fruit Ninja Costume Guide
Blue Karate Top
Martial Arts Headband
White Karate Belt
Old Man Eyebrows and Mustache
Wooden Sandals
Bamboo Stick
Black Gi Pants
Toy Fruits
Toy Ninja Sword

Best Fruit Ninja Halloween Costume Guide

The game Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick was released on April 21, 2010, and has since become a viral sensation. The point of the game? See how fast can you slice all the fruit that comes across the screen! The more you slice, the better a fruit ninja you really are. Become Sensei, your trusted advisor as you progress through the game offering you tips and tricks. In this case, you can’t really be the master fruit ninja without…well, fruit. Get the look of the elder Sensei with this Fruit Ninja costume guide.

Cosplay the quickest fruit ninja in all the land with a Blue Karate Top, Black Gi Pants, and White Karate Belt. Throw on a pair of Wooden Sandals and a Martial Arts Headband to finish the basics of the costume. You can further disguise yourself with some Old Man Eyebrows and Mustache. But, you’ll really need a Toy Sword, Bamboo Stick, and Toy Fruit to pull the ninja look together.

Fruit Ninja Cosplay Costumes

Throughout the popular Fruit Ninja game, an elderly man appears on the screen as Sensei, the master of the Fruit Ninja community! Now you can dress as this seasoned fruit ninja with some classic ninja items along with a touch of fruit! Check your favorite costume shop for the ninja top, pants, belt, and headband. Don’t forget the toy sword and old man eyebrows and mustache. We recommend ordering the wooden sandals, toy fruit, and bamboo stick from online to ensure you get the closest match for this costume.

Since this look is so much fun, you can add a touch of laughter to a group cosplay by gathering a couple of your friends to dress as different kinds of fruit! Get them to dress up as an apple, pear, and a banana to join you as a seasoned fruit ninja! We need to see a picture of this costume so it can be featured along with others on the cosplay gallery.

About Fruit Ninja

Popular video games seem to come out of nowhere, and that’s exactly what happened with Fruit Ninja. The addicting game by Halfbrick was released in 2010 but continued to be a hit for years because you really just can’t get enough of this addicting game. The point of the game is to slice and dice every piece of fruit that comes across your screen using your ninja sword controlled by your finger. Don’t get ahead of yourself though! Every now and again a bomb will appear on the screen and you don’t want those to explode!

Halfbrick Studios released this game into the public and had no idea how popular it would become! Now, the Sensei character has spread across the cosplay world too! The cosplay world is turning the avatar from this addictive video game into a popular costume for Halloween and cosplay conventions!

Fruit Ninja

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