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Big Hero 6 Fred Alien Necklace
neff Daily Beanie
Big Hero 6 Fred T-Shirt
Long Sleeve White Athletic Shirt
Rugged Cargo Shorts
Big Hero 6 4-Inch Fred Action Figure
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Best Fred Costume Guide

Fred, voiced by T. J. Miller, is a comic book enthusiast who attends San Fransokyo Institute of Technology with his friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, and Tadashi Hamada. Fred is the son of a wealthy couple that doesn’t hesitate to join Big Hero 6 to team up with his superhero friends. Get the look with a Big Hero 6 Fred T-Shirt, Long Sleeve White Athletic Shirt, Rugged Cargo Shorts, neff Daily Beanie, and Big Hero 6 Fred Alien Necklace. Your outfit like Fred’s will be complete with Rick High-Top Fashion Sneakers, Flat Shoelaces, and a Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure.

Fred Cosplay Costumes

One of the team members of Big Hero 6, Fred is a comic book enthusiast who also happens to be attending San Fransokyo Institute of Technology with his friends. With his love of technology and superheroes, it makes sense as to why he’d join the team quickly and help fight alongside them. If you’d like to make this a group costume, grab some friends and have them dress up as Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago or Tadashi Hamada to really get an epic group together. If you do so, we’d love to see what you come up with so don’t hesitate to send over some photos of your costume!

What you’ll need for this costume is a Big Hero 6 Fred alien necklace, a green beanie, Big Hero 6 Fred t-shirt, long-sleeve white shirt to wear underneath, cargo shorts, white sneakers and green shoelaces to pair with it and finally, a Big Hero 6 Fred action figure to take around with you.

Fred Costume Tips & FAQs

Jump into the action-packed world of “Big Hero 6” with our Fred costume guide FAQ. Ideal for fans of the animated superhero film, this guide will help you replicate Fred’s quirky and colorful superhero outfit, reflecting his love for comic books and his role as the comic relief of the team.

Fred's superhero outfit in "Big Hero 6" is a distinctive, dragon-like costume. It includes a full-body suit designed to look like a classic Japanese kaiju or monster, predominantly in shades of blue and orange. The suit features a long tail, three-clawed hands and feet, and a large headpiece with pointy ears and three eyes. The costume is padded and bulky, giving the appearance of a large, formidable creature, despite Fred's playful and non-threatening nature.

Creating Fred's monster suit can be a fun DIY project. Start with a base of a blue bodysuit and add orange fabric or felt for the belly and other accents. Use padding or foam to create the bulky shape of the suit, especially for the arms, legs, and tail. The headpiece, with its three eyes and pointy ears, can be constructed from foam and covered in fabric to match the suit. Don't forget to add the claws to the hands and feet!

Fred's suit has built-in clawed feet, so separate footwear isn't necessary. As for accessories, you might include a prop that represents Fred's love for comic books or his laid-back, fun-loving personality. A fake skateboard or comic book can be great props to carry.

To truly embody Fred's character, focus on his enthusiastic and carefree attitude. He's the team's comic relief, so a playful and upbeat demeanor is key. Adding exaggerated expressions and movements can also enhance the authenticity of the costume, capturing Fred's larger-than-life personality.

To complete your portrayal, consider using some of Fred's memorable quotes: "School mascot by day, but by night... I am also a school mascot.," "I wear them front. I wear them back. I go inside out. Then I go front and back.," "We have a lot to talk about.," "Dude, crushing it." and "Sign me up for hero duty!." These quotes capture Fred's humorous and quirky nature, his love for being part of the superhero team, and his unwavering enthusiasm.

About Fred

Fred resides in San Fransokyo and is the child of a wealthy couple but he rarely spends time with them and instead is always around his butler, Heathcliff. With the family fortune and mansion under his care, he uses them to supply his hobbies of reading comic books and other nerdy hobbies. He studies at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology where he pursues his loves of science and always meets up with his closest friends. His friends have , unique nicknames and Fred is actually the one who came up with them according to their personality(Wasabi was the exception).

Fred is an eccentric and childish character but he also has the ability to look on the bright side of things and is prone to making comedic remarks no matter the circumstance. His friends have a great love for him but they also find him pretty annoying at times.


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