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Frank West Costume Guide
Classic Jacket Olive
Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
Original-Fit Jean
Ecosmart T-Shirt
Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot
Natural Baseball Bat
Shoulder Holster
DSLR Camera

Best Frank West Costume Guide

Frank West from Capcom’s Dead Rising video game series has covered a lot of wars and events. As the main playable character, he’s a freelance photographer and photojournalist. But, Frank West is no ordinary freelance photographer. He’s also a zombie hunter. This means Frank kills zombies not because he has to, but because he wants to! As his photography career starts to go by the wayside, Frank both covers and fights a violent zombie uprising. Get the look of video game zombie hunter with this Frank West costume guide.

Cosplay Frank West by wearing an Ecosmart T-Shirt along with a pair of Original-Fit Jean. Then, layer up with a Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt and Classic Jacket Olive. Finally, lace up a pair of Cheyanne Rain Boots. Equip yourself with the items you need to photograph and fight with—DSLR Camera with Shoulder Holster and a Natural Baseball Bat! Now go snap some pictures and kill some zombies!

Frank West Cosplay Costumes

Frank West is a standout character from the Dead Rising video game series to cosplay. He can defend himself against extremely dangerous situations all while taking great photos. And dressing up like this zombie hunter is pretty easy. No weird costume, just simple clothes with a jacket. The only thing you’ll probably have difficulty getting tracking down is a DSLR camera with a shoulder holster.

As for the cosplay itself, get your friends in on the fun as well. Create the ultimate zombie hunter team by getting your friends to dress up as Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil, Joel from The Last of Us, and Miles Upshur from Outlast, or the characters from The Walking Dead. Find other video game costume guides for even more cosplay inspiration. Don’t forget to send pictures of your final Frank West cosplay after following this costume guide.

About Frank West

Frank West is the main playable character of the popular Capcom zombie shooter series Dead Rising. In the game, Frank West is a freelance photojournalist with a vibrant career and diverse portfolio. He covered many major events in the USA including wars. The reason for him covering dangerous events isn’t due to his job. By nature, Frank West has a thirst for adventure and his job as a freelance journalist allows him to channel this desire.

As Frank Castle’s career starts spiraling down, he looks into some strange events happening in the town of Willamette, Colorado. He helps rescue some human survivors during a zombie outbreak. He puts others safety first, unlike other people in his profession who are more interested in their stories rather than their own lives. He works solo and isn’t able to follow orders from others, doing whatever his heart desires.

Frank West

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